9 days since injecting and got some action in both bags. Pretty good size clump in 1 of them. Bags are just sitting in a cardboard box on a shelf in my basement
2 weeks in. Pretty good clump of mycelium in the stargazer so gonna break it up and mix it, then back into the cardboard box. Probably mix up the ape next week
Ooh looking like some nice inoculation there!
Hopefully. Seems to be all white in both so I'm guessing that's a good thing. I was kinda expecting the chunk to be harder to break from the videos I've watched, but it was more "spongy". But in my head spongy and mushrooms go hand in hand :shrug:
4 weeks from inoculation. Stargazer is just about fully colonized. Probably by next weekend should be ready to start fruiting. APE is still a week behind but has larger chunks of mycelium in it and almost looks like it's starting to grow mushrooms already. So maybe next weekend I can start to fruit both of them together. Want to make sure they're full of mycelium to minimize contamination since they'll be fruiting in open air in a basement