Nirvana Bubblicious Autoflower Grow #2

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Jul 9, 2017
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After growing a Nivana Bubblicious in the native soil of my garden starting in May, I've since harvested a pitiful bit from that plant. So I thought I would try again... this time outdoors in a Smart Pot. I'm using Dr. Earth Home Grown Garden Soil and Dr. Earth Home Grown Vegetable Fertilizer (Black Label).
The seed went into the soil on July 30. My seedling broke ground August 3.

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I'm trying to keep this grow fairly simple. I believe I hurt myself last time by lst'ing a little too aggressively

This was on August 10.

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I gave another feeding of Dr. Earth Home Grown on August 16.

I've used Spinosid once to keep insects and caterpillars at bay. I've used slug bait and diatomaceous earth to keep slugs at bay. So far, so good. In fact, I came out one morning a few days ago to a monster slug dying in the side of the pot. Whew! Glad I had put the slug bait out the night before or I would have been sending pics of a stub of a plant.

August 20.

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Thank you! Just a slight pull to one side and pull the lower branches slightly in the opposite direction?

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Start by stabilizing the main stalk close to the bottom to reduce pull on the roots. Then use plastic coated wire on the middle to upper of the plant to tie it over a bit(dont need to go all the way horizontally, more like a 45 degree angle, even slightly less). Once the main branches start to take off, pull them toward the south and space them out staggered so they all get solid light while the sun passes east to west.
I'll stop by as much as i can find the time!!! Feel free to tag me any time bud!
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