Auto Seeds Nizmo vs GSC and GG autos.


bluntts to the rescue!!!
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Jan 22, 2013
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What up guys and girls. I will be growing auto seeds newest strains the girl scout cookies auto and gorilla glue auto. thanks for letting me test out the strains.
Will plant:
1x girl scout cookie
1x gorrilla glue
Pot size I'm still debating what size probably 3 gallon smart pots.
Tent is a 32x32x63
1x 55w autocob
1x Mars 300w
4in active air exhaust fan hooked up to a phresh filter.
Botanicare kind 3 part
Armor si
Mammoth p
Fox farm big bloom.
Very interesting. Seems like the top strain for turning into an auto is gorilla glue with cookies not far behind it. Can't wait to see what u can do with their seeds. Good luck my friend.
@Mizzo81 thanks man and yeah they seem to be the popular at the moment. It's good tho because its gives us the growers to look for the best auto versions and compare them.
That's my outdoor girlscout cookies, also have a few other strains, all of them seem to be about the same size, indoor is alot more branches and buds, where did you get your seeds from? Would like to try another seed bank. Good luck with your grow keep posting updates.
Day 1 is today both broke soil and have tiny leaves one is in a 3gal fabric pot and the other one is a 5 gallon. Smart pot thanks for the opportunity to test them out I'm sure they will be some fire smoke once I'm done e with them
Hey guys well alot of personal shit went down had to moved out all my equipment. So I had to take the plants outdoors and my pup busted two a nice Stilton special and the auto seeds gorrilla glue I believe.
The GSC is flowering nicely and smelling good(or is it the gorrilla glue oh well) it's not that big since everything that happened to her, she was dugg out and had to repot her.

I will be setting up my tent again soon. I will grow one of each again to give them a proper test..

Sorry for the lack of updates to all.
well heres what i believe was the GSC chopped today day 69. smells so great cant really tell but its nice some sort of baked sweet.
shes beautiful. any clue by her flowers on what you think she is? might be able to squeeze one more seed in my tent but then again should wait till i have room to let them grow in a 5 gallon smartpot