Not sure if deficiency or overfed..BIOBIZZ nutrients minerals not salts

May 24, 2021
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Sup yall I'm 56 days into a grow..1st time using mandalorian blackstrap auto strain..
2 gal fabric pot using
2 HLG 100 v2 3ks just moved her over to a hlg 350 r spec
About the start of week 3.5- 4 I noticed the bottom leaves yellowing and very very very slight tip burns on some towards the top. I have not been giving any grow as I started the run using a 50/50 mix of happyfrog and roots organics soil 707 mix.

My question is now the end of week 4 flower and the yellowing has moved up towards the middle of the plant and some of the older bottom ones have just fallen off. Am I not giving enough nutrients or did I give too much?
...I have been feeding every watering using the all mixed feed schedule..where it says week 5 flower would technically be week 4 for an auto correct? She started flowering in week 3..
Using Bloom top max bio heaven and algamic on all mix feedchart with recharge??
Thoughts?? Should I give her grow in conjunction or have I been over feeding ?



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Looks like you are starting to get a lock-out from too much fertilizer. A better schedule for autos is fertigate, water, water, water repeat. You need an EC meter and a PH pen. Do not fertigate over 550 PPM (not counting your starting water at PH 6.3.

You should always feed balanced nutrients. Picking and choosing what you think might work is often out of balance. This may help you understand what I mean: