Organic growing with Coco

@hope2grow recomended this nutes line and i aint looked back since.​

I use Biobizz lightmix soil with Advanced Nutrients A + B Bloom & Overdrive as the finisher upper.​

Its PH perfect & can be used in Coco and Hydro.​

May be one for just for Coco tho, cant remember lol​

I dont flush at the end, i just water the last 2 or 3 feeds View attachment 1631983

There is a coco specific line as well which i used.. very briefly! Couldnt get the hang of coco and got a gnat infestation! Glad this stuff works well for you m8.. hope alls good up your neck of the woods:pighug:
I'm using both and love biotab but you dint get the same in coco as you do in soil.

I was told by Phillip at biotab in Netherlands that its not ideal for coco as I wanting to go back on that but without the faffing about so I've not used it

I do use the advanced nutrients coco ph perfect but I've no idea how that's ph perfect as it's way higher than the 5 8ph recommended for coco but I don't think its organic.

Biobizz is I believe so you could try that as that works in both coco and soil! I've also got that range which makes keeping now question why the hell did I buy advanced for coco!! Oh because I'm a clown lol