Petes return....bubbagum by jinxproof


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Aug 23, 2015
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Well guys and gals it's been a very tough year for me and I've been gone for awhile now. I went to jail. Lost my house. Car broke down during the move....and more. Things have just not been In my favor but I'm pushing forward and trying to get back into the swing of things in life and I my grows.

So what i have going currently is 6 clones of bubbagum i received from a buddy. The breeder is jinxproof who is affiliated with TGA subcool.
I received 3 different phenos. One referred to as block top because it has huge tops but developed virtually nothing on the lowers. I have two cuts of That pheno.
The second pheno is referred to as the grape pheno and is supposed to have the best terp profile. 2 cuts of That as well.
And the third pheno is the frosty pheno but it's s finicky gal!!...I've been vegging these for a little over a month and wok be flipping in the next few days. I over fed them couple feeds ago so Im Just getting them back to proper health before flip.
In currently using elite nutrients and they are under my 2 amare technology 150s in my 4X4. I will be adding my gogrow v3 for flowering. 620w at the wall of led for a 4x4.
I will also be adding a scrog net in the next couple days to keep things under control. They aren't the fullest health but its taken me a minute to get back in the groove of things. So here's what i got going on!!!
Before i went to jail i had my best grow ever going and my wife had to finish the final 4 or 5 weeks and she did great. Had 2 purple Afghan kush by dinafem under my gogrow v3 led panel
Also i had a beautiful 4x4 scrog under a 1000w hps worth two skunk 1. Two critical cheese and 2 Frank's gift x cherry pie all photos in 5 gallon pots and i killed it.
Hey Pete! Great to have you back! Looks like you've got a rockin grow in progress! We'll be following!

And a little rep to get you going!

Hey my friend....really great to have you back buddy!! Good luck on your grow my friend....i wont be around very much for another month...2 plants down and 5 left to go!!
Hey Pete! Great to have you back! Looks like you've got a rockin grow in progress! We'll be following!

And a little rep to get you going!

Thanks man! Just what i needed to Gerry me back flint wad a good ole rep slap to the face! Lol
@912GreenSkell oh yeah man!! I know this is a very busy ringer off year for you my friend!! Hope all has been well!!
Already looking much better from the pics taken 2 days ago. I gave them some sea green. Photosynthesis plus and some root ignitor liquid mycos by elite. They are looking great and ill b getting some stuff from work today and preparing for flower!!! Can't wait to flip after one more watering/feed!!!
Really cool taking the tech i learned on autos with my low stress training and applying it to photos with great results!!