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May 24, 2017
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Hello there!

Im not a new grower but i have a question for you guys. I have always used 3-5 gallon pots max(12 liter-19 liter) but i will be growing Gorilla Glue Auto from Fastbuds now. On breeders site, it says that this strain should be in a 11-13 gallon(40-50 liter) pots. Do you think that it can fill the whole 50 liter soil with roots? Is it make sense? (btw i grow this strain before and its flowering like 27-30th day).

That sounds like overkill to me man. I think 3-5 gallon is plenty big. Maybe 7 gallon max
An auto can fill a 50 l pot in my experience.it is strain related so for some it will be overkill. If I grow for yield then bigger pots is generally better, and the fastbuds strain Sound right for a big pot.
Maybe you will notice flowering start a little later, some folks believe roots has a say on when flowering starts.,
I`m sure the plant will be able to use the space in the 50L, It`s more a matter if you have the space for it.
I`m running my girls in 18 Liter pots and rather run more strains to have more varieties to smoke when it`s done - of course at the impact of my yield-per-plant.

Maybe 50L would be a little overkill if you plan on growing several strains at the same time, but if you plan on giving her a minimum of 60x60cm (2,5x2,5), I`m sure a 50L grow could benefit you well.

Keep in mind: This is said without knowing your light, grow space and experience.

Best of luck bro, I`m sure that no matter what you go for, you will be happy with your result! I`m running 4 FastBuds girls myself now, and the genetics seems steady and easy!

Hope that helped buddy! :greenthumb:
I have used up to 7 and 10 gallon smart pots, but 5 gallon is my favorite. You will be fine with 3 gallon or 5 gallons pots.