Potassium issue?


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May 21, 2021
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My little guy is almost two weeks old. I started her out in a paper coffee cup, but the cup got so water logged I transplanted her into the bucket hoping the larger soil container would siphon off the excess water in the cup soil.
I have these two browning area's on leaves. She has been in FFHF/ 5 gallon pot for 4 days, and has only been given distilled water so far. I'm getting a ph reading of around 7.5 in the soil. The items I have on hand, but have not used as of yet is the Foxfarm Trio and a bottle of calmag plus.
Any suggestions or am I just a paranoid first time grower? I'm praying I didnt give her root rot when she was in the cup.

Presuming you actually accurately measured soil pH (need a special probe/meter), it's too high. Others can advise what to do (and not) about this.

It's young, hopefully putting most energy into making roots, and may well adapt. To me, the earliest leaves and the perhaps what looks like minimal browning of tips from 'hot' soil (hot at least for a seedling) mean nothing; and are not good indicators of ongoing problems. The earliest leaves often inherently have some type of problem and otherwise sooner or later are going to die back on their own (normal) or be plucked. Rather, worry about the new(er) growth, what's happening now. Hard to tell, but the new, top growth looks OK.

It may seem strange, but at this stage, it is usually best to do nothing, just let it grow. If the pot was well watered, with just a seedling growing it may not need watering for a week or even weeks. I'd just let it grow (with any needed response to the hotness and pH problems). Presuming the soil had been watered/pretreated, consider no more watering for a while, or at least around the plant itself. Let the plant put out roots as in nature (where there is no watering just around seedlings).
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