Mephisto Genetics Questions about plant size & topping/training (outdoors)

Apr 4, 2021
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This is my first time growing autos. I know such a thing depends on lots of variables so it's hard to say but I'm wondering how big these strains can potentially get outdoors? Almost all autos I've seen pics of online are grown indoors in small pots so I have no reference for how big they can get outdoors with lots of sun when in the ground with unlimited root space. I live in a somewhat prime climate though, temps between 80 to 100 and the spot in my yard where they'll be grown receives direct sunlight almost the entire day (about 13 to 15 hours of sunlight total a day depending on the time of the grow season). Some will be in 30gal fabric pots in organic soil and others will be directly in the ground.

The strains I'll be growing are Mango Smile, Skywalker, Creme de la Chem, Strawberry Mango Crumble, and 3 BOG X Samsquanch.

I'm also curious about topping/training these strains in particular or allowing them to grow mostly into their natural form (again, this is outdoors)...Anyone have any suggestions about what I might want to do in regards to these strains? I think for the most part I'm just going to let them grow into their natural form, but bending branches down/out (and supporting if needed) just a lil bit to keep the structure somewhat open, along with removing some lower/inner growth.

I've grown photos outdoors for several years now but the shorter growth time of autos has me thinking I should just let them grow in their natural form (since topping/training can sometimes slow growth for a day or two).

If you haven’t already checked it out, Mephisto’s “strain guide” will give you some idea on what to expect from their strains.

I’m also growing Mango Smile outdoors and it looks like we have good options with that strain.

Yea I've seen that before and was meaning on giving it a read again to refresh my memory and get an idea of their size/structure, thanks for the heads up!

Hoping to hear from some people that have grown these strains outdoors in a similar climate and manner as I am, or even autos in general. I've looked around online and these forums and can not find a single good photo of any auto that's been grown outdoors in a climate like mine, and/or in a pot bigger then 7gallons, and/or by someone that isn't growing for their first time lol.

All of the outdoor autos I've seen so far were either grown in small pots, and/or by someone that was new to growing, and/or in a cooler climate or with far less sun than where I am. They've all be tiny plants and not great looking, I imagine autos can do well and grow big outdoors when they're happy and have lots of sun and the room to stretch & grow. Just wondering how big.

The mango smile in particular I imagine is going to do great outdoors where I am. They all will, but with the sativa side of things and having lots of room to grow and plenty of warmth/sunshine (northern California) it should be looking great.

I'll be starting an actual thread for my grow once I get things going. I'll be sowing the seed in about 5 to 7 days.

Our situations are different on a few factors (mostly you get significantly more sunlight than I do), but I'll tell you my experience from last summer as a reference.

I grew 5 Mephisto strains -- Double Grape, Walter White, Skylar White, Cosmic Queen, and Forgotten Cookies. I grow in the ground in established raised beds. That spot in the garden gets about 6-7 hours of direct overhead sunlight, morning and evening sun are blocked by trees to the east and west of us. Because of a serious problem with moths/worms, I have to grow under bug netting which I've read cuts about 20-25% of the light. In that set up, 6 plants last summer (there were two DG's) netted over 2.3 lbs., averaging about 6 ounces per plant.

I top ALL my plants, especially outdoors. Between worms hitting the upper most branches and a huge central cola trapping moisture and being more succeptible to bud rot, I've found that topping them after the 5th node and spreading the joy out between 5 sets of main branches is much safer than having all of that plant energy going to a single main cola which can be too easily lost.

Even topped, my plants get to be 4-5 feet tall. They are best planted about 3-4 feet apart (further if you can) to allow them to spread and get sun and airflow to the lower branches. If you are in a low humidity region with little to no chance of rainfall during flower, then you won't need to cover them, I always have to be able to cover them towards the end to keep rain off. I think the 3rd pic below is the Walter White, and the fourth is definitely the Double Grape.

The last picture is a greenhouse I'm in the process of building for this summer. I have (truly) clear plastic to go over the top, and then bug netting to go around the sides. We'll see how that works.


Hope that helps - :peace:
It does help.

Thanks dude.

Good looking plants!

I'll give a more proper reply tomorrow about a few things. Too lit at the moment lol.

Wow, @Humanrob cannabis aside, that is a great garden! Very cool, thanks for sharing the pics.
Thank you! We are at the edge of an urban area, so it's no farm but we have a 'double lot' and the back 50x100 is all garden, mostly edible. It's my wife's passion, and she's also the person I grow for.

It does help.

Thanks dude.

Good looking plants!

I'll give a more proper reply tomorrow about a few things. Too lit at the moment lol.
Thanks, enjoy, and I'll be around. :smoking:
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