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Feb 27, 2021
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I’m very excited to start my second grow as I finish drying/curing my first. My goals for this grow: reduced nutrient issues, better environment (VPD) management, and increased per-plant yield.

On May 24, I soaked the seeds x24hrs, then they went into Jiffy pellets. Yesterday, 50 Shades of Grape, Pinot Noir, Bear Assed Monkey, Sweet n Smelly, and GDP all sprouted. Nothing yet from Strawberry Nugg x Skywalker. As soon as the tap root is visible, I’ll put the jiffy pellet (minus the mesh) into the starting pots of Happy Frog Soil with a humidity dome. They’re already under an HLG-600 Rspec at a lux of ~6000 - will increase it slowly as I’m already seeing a bit of stretch on a couple seedlings.

Thanks for following along.


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All 5 potted up and doing well. Strawberry nuggets x Skywalker never germinated. Still slowly increasing light, but got a bit of stretch anyway. Watering definitely feels more “comfortable” than the first run - just pH 6.3-6.5 water with a bit of yucca. Nothing else yet (I did pre-water the pots with Recharge 1/2tsp/gal).


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Growing nicely in their 5gallon final pots. This pic is actually a few days old now. This second grow is so much less nerve-wracking, I’m not taking obsessive pics and notes every day (little confidence…and a little product from first grow!). All the girls have been topped. Still water only as the Happy Frog is still feeding them well.

FYI, the little white woozoo fan on the right is awesome. Oscillates up and down, as well as back and forth, and has a “breeze” setting in which the speed varies too. My only complaint: when power goes out, it does not automatically come back on. Every one of my tents has a woozoo but also a flippi oscillating fan that I know will come on after power issues, so my plants are never without some air movement.


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Wow - I guess it’s true for cannabis like it’s true for the “second child”: you just don’t document the second time like the first. Ha! The girls are growing nicely. I’ve been doing FF trio at about 500ppm every 2-3 waterings plus recharge about every other week. Keeping DLI at 40 (max Lux 36k x20hours). Temps are around 80 lights-on, 74 lights-off. RH has been a little trickier as I have a few tents going at different stages. Even with each tent having a humidifier, keeping the lung room stable is tough in southern summer weather (and unusual amounts of rain here).

Thanks for stopping by.


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