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Apr 25, 2016
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@Sweet Seeds
Hi jay I was wondering if the offer for some replacement seeds was still available I recently grew some dark devil autos and had trouble with my seeds not germinating I ended up with one runt seed out of the 5+2 free I purchased

You offered to send me some more free of charge and I would love the chance to fill my tent with some dark devils and be able to see what the sweet seeds genetics are capable of

Let me know and I will send you my address thanks for your time hope to here from you soon
Im sure sweets will sort you out but would you like some germination tips in the mean time?

Not trying to push it on you bit sweets have always been on point with very few germ issues.

How did you try to pop your last ones bud?
I place the seeds in a glass of water until they sink then place them in between to wet paper towels until the tap root shows when its a good length tap root I place them in root riot cubes into my humidity dome until the seed brakes surface and has good root structure showing threw the root cube then I add it to its final pot

I know some times human error takes place but this method has never failed me before the seeds just wouldn't germ out of the 7 one showed a tiny tap root I took a chance and added it to to root cube and it started to grow
Don't get me wrong I love sweet seeds and the plant i grew yielded about a oz but was kind if gutted I only got one lady out of 7

jay offered to send some seeds at the time but I said it was OK I was happy that one made it but now I am looking to buy some more seeds I was tempted to get some more sweet seeds but the bad luck I had with the last lot kind of put me off I also had trouble germinating my black cream autos only 3 out of 7 of them made it

Maybe it is my fault I recently germinated
5 dinafem sour diesels only 1 took
2 original amnesia only 1 took
But the seeds did look old very pale

I am always open to learn something new so any advice is more than welcome and much appreciated
Sorry to hear about your probs, my thoughts are after reading your method is,, its awfully complicated lots of different steps, I soak for 24 hours and drop in the dirt with a dome on top , simple as and excellent germ ratio, :karmacloud: for your next attempts
With long term success and a few not germing i see why ypu wpuld lean towards the seeds but with the recent dinafem germ issues i would def take a look at the process. Dinafem and sweets both failing seems a bit odd to me. In the past i used the cup and sink methods as well. Bit recently i abandoned that after talking with @FullDuplex im sure he would have an excellent comment to help here as well.

Now i pretty much put them in a wet paper towel in a plastic bag to retain the moisture then place them on a computer modem... (provides a small amount of het just right for popping) then as soon as i get the shell open and a 1/8 in tap root i go straight to the soil and no more than 1/4 in under the surface. I have had great results with this.
So you guys think i might be over complicating things and adding to many steps
I will try and keep things simple my next run i always thought some seeds failing was normal just luck of the draw it never crossed my mind it could have been something i was doing wrong especially when my germ rate was 100% until my recent bad run

i Never thought of putting them in a bag to seel in moisture I will give it a shot on my next run I will also look around the web see what I can find
Ok so have to make a statement here.
I have done photos many times.

With photos i think you guys have it spot on.

I just tested like 80.plants almost all from sweet seeds.

If you have autoflowers i would not recommend germinating like this. Only my green poisons took the shock.

I would take autoflower seeds and get some water at 6.0 ph tds 0-100 . Let soak for 12 hours or until the seeds sink. This allows enough moisture for it to grow.
Get your final pot and place in there. Works best for soil. And i have never tryed in coco btw.

We did 6 this way and those 6 are the best plants all differ strains.

The shock you cause the seed is to much for a autoflower. Your yield can be cut in 1/2 or more. I see some plants that are 3ft tall and other shocked ones only 8 inch. Same everything but no shock
Lol... 10 4.... looks like we have a photo grower with a fragile little auto mentality.

Ive grown an auto seed or 2. @SgtMcDoobie a seed here or there that misses a germ is perfectly fine and to be taken into consideration but anytime you get big numbers of failures and multiple reputable breeders then its more than likely something along the internal process
:smoking: hey Sgt.- what temp are you germ'ing at? Is it fully dark, and are you peeking at them often, exposing them to strong light? What seed bank did you get these from, and is there a lot # and date listed on seed packs? I think the Sweet seeds at least will have this info if in the original packaging,...
There are several ways to germ' seeds, no one is right per se,... if you meet the T and RH parameters, that's half the battle,.. once the radical shoots, from there it's all about not damaging it, and one's transplanting skills! I like the method A-Train here mentioned, I do something similar,... Look up Mephisto's method here, those guys let the shoot get pretty long before planting, but then, they are skilled across the board, right? Another extreme are the purists who say Nature's way is best, direct to soil, no soak or anything!.. Mandala Insists on this for their seeds,... I see nothing inherently bad about your method either, BTW.....The presoak if just a slightly faster way to start the hydration process, no different than putting them into paper towels,.. However, doing both is redundant, no advantage gained IMO,... and some paper towels can have residual crap in them that potentially can interfere or harm the seeds, so a prior rinse would be wise,... some folks want to monitor the process for whatever reason, so the paper towel method is good for that in this sense,... baggies, domes, whatever, are just to make sure things don't dry out during germ'; once above ground, high RH% is recommended, but not dead still air with super high RH, as this can potentially promote fungal attack,.... With the cubes, pucks and the like, some swear by them, others curse them- :rofl:.. and certainly there can be funky batches of them, seen it suspected several times here which is why I don't bother,.. and again, no advantage in these over direct planting into their soil/soilless medium IMO, so long as that medium is seedling friendly (not too hot), and you maintain proper moisture levels... As for the seeds themselves,. color shape are not always the best measure of quality and freshness, lots of variation in good seeds appearance,... But bad lots happen, some asshole seeds banks may send older lots, transport hazards (heat exposure, partial crushing,...) may compromise their health,... The fact that you have this happening with multiple breeders seeds does beg the question about the cubes and transport hazards, less likely crappy old stock unless you can get that lot/date info to confirm either way,...