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Aug 27, 2017
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Dear farmers

I'm really excited to announce the start of my second grow.

My first grow is still currently running, and around 3 weeks before harvest.

My new grow is two seeds:

1 x Black Domina -
Planted straight into Biobizz light mix on 16 September 2017. The BD broke through the soil on the 20th September 2017.

1 x Northern Lights -
Planted straight into Biobizz light mix on 16th September 2017. The NL broke through the soil on the the 19th September 2017.

Both are auto-flowering strains. Originally they went under a 130w Blue Spec CFL, and today I switched lights to a Mars 48 Reflector LED Panel.

They both seem to be doing well in the early seedling stages, and I can see a clear difference with regards to the leaf structure of the Black Domina seedling, which seems like it has wider leafs.

Armed with some important lessons learned from my first grow, and a growing sense of patience, I will be using LST training early on, as well as making crucial decisions around transplanting into larger containers within 2 weeks of the grow.

Really looking forward to growing these .. please watch this space for updates . .


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I'll tag along still decide what to grow after I've grow all my blue Treacle seeds, look forward to seeing them grown up pal

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I'll tag along still decide what to grow after I've grow all my blue Treacle seeds, look forward to seeing them grown up pal

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Thanks mate, there are so many wonderful strains to experiment with. It's fantastic ! I know the feeling! Welcome aboard

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Thanks mate, there are so many wonderful strains to experiment with. It's fantastic ! I know the feeling! Welcome aboard

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Hi all

Quick update:

I've repotted the NL and BD strains into their final pots today.

They are 3 gallon pots (I think) with holes I made, for LST training if necessary.

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Around day 12 today:

Black Domina is doing awesome.

I had to ditch the NL sadly, due to concerns regarding space and privacy.

But loving the growth of the BD it doesn't appear to be stretching at all .. I did do some minor LST.

Here are some pics..[emoji41]

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Quick update:
Day 22 (3 weeks + 1 day old) 18/6 Light Cycle

Continuing to veg, very nicely under a 130w CFL. I have switched to CFL's for two reasons at the moment, one is they seem to do really well with this type of light, and secondly there is no noise, which makes me feel much better.

I've recently discovered my Black Domina is actually a feminized photo-period variety, so will veg her a little longer as I do need to keep her short (I'm limited by 100cm / 140 cm height) I hear this indica variety doesn't grow massively tall, and looking at her now, she's only 6 inches tall but growing outwardly more than upwardly, Happy days for my one plant wonder :)

The Black Domina is looking beautiful..growing nicely, and I am wondering now when to switch to 12/12 Light Cycle.

I've given only mild servings of biobizz grow nutes, and some biobizz alg-a-mic, that is all so far, I'm being careful not to over water or overfeed.

I was thinking of taking some clones, maybe in a couple of more weeks or so, I'll wait a little longer for more increased growth and establishment of roots.

Looking to purchase a PH Tester next..

I think this plant is doing great . .:biggrin:


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Hi all :d5:

Quick garden update:

Black Domina - 18/6 light cycle
The black domina is still in veg, it's now 4 weeks and a couple of days since planting from seed. She is looking great, I took 4 cuttings, unfortunately I managed to lose one, as I hadn't noticed it had become de-rooted, and was found lying on it's side, on the soil. Oh well, it was tiny, and sadly didn't make it, but the other 3 had also wilted slightly, and are now ( 3 clones on day 2) and beginning to reach for the light and stand upright, so that's a sign they are growing roots, and I have placed them on the outskirts of my tent, along the side, so not to be directly under the light.

Northern Lights (auto)
As you can see in the picture, I have also planted 3 seedlings, which also appear to be doing great. They are 3 x Northern Lights (auto-flowering, from SensiSeeds).

Currently all plants on an 18/6 cycle, and switched back to a Mars 48 Relector ..

Ok, hope everyone is good, I've been enjoying the rewards off my recent harvest, Blue Kush (Dinafem) which netted approximately 2 oz.
But supplies are now fast dwindling as the days go by .. :pass:.. so hence the new grow has begun, and so has the garden party, tea anyone? :coffee:


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Hi all

Quick Garden Update Folks:

1 x Black Domina mother plant, and 3 clones, all doing great :smoking:
She is currently in around day 8 or 9 of 12/12 flower cycle, and I have noticed bud sites forming over the last 48 hours. She has been topped, and defoliated as she grows very short and bushy.

3 x NL autos also seem to be growing well..:) They're on around day 15 I think. They are also short plants, as I have kept my containers small anyway, due to space restrictions.
I have also topped my 3 NL's in the last 2 days, and am experimenting to see how this changes from, what would have been typical one main cola plants.

Pics to follow..
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