Sir Dankalot / Milkmann does Critical Kush & Green Crack, Autopots & Biotabs


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Dec 22, 2015
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Hello. Had to pull my ladies 7 days into my last grow :( so hoping this one is a success. Haven't been able to grow in 5 months.

So this time I'm going with a Critical Kush auto by Barney's Farms and a Green Crack by Fastbuds. The Critical is 6 days old, pics of the plants will follow tomorrow after 1 week. She's really far along considering she was directly planted and is in a big pot. Already just beginning on her third leaf set. Been doing nothing but spraying her since the pre-soak, and today gave her a nice 500ml watering of plain bubbled water. Planning to top this one at 3 nodes to allow the Green Crack to catch up, so I can not worry about angling the light.

The Think Different I planted alongside the Critical has been a mutant from the start, will NOT grow in height at all, so popped the Green Crack, and she'll be exactly 1 week behind the Critical as of tomorrow, her Day 1. She shed her shell today.

- 15l Autopots
- LED - Platinum LED P300
- Full Biotabs range & Ecothrive Charge
- Biobizz soil

Going with a 50/50 mix of soil and perlite/clay pebbles , with a layer of clay pebbles on the bottom of each autopot. Pre mixed soil as per Biotab instructions. Will be putting two biotabs in the soil of the Critical tomorrow.

I'll be utilising LST and possibility building a SCROG for these ladies. But definitely going to need to train the bejeezus out of them!

Having a dab now to mine, yours, and everyone's plant's good health. I'm about to embark on a 10-14 day T-break (well, THC break) usign CBD crumble and CBD caps. Not looking forward to it, but it's affecting my productivity and I believe this is the best thing to do without suffering from lack of sleep and energy.

Hope everyone has a pleasant day/night and thanks for stopping by!

Here is the Critical Kush at 10 days, and the Green Crack at around 5 days above soil. It's a tricky one watering the Green Crack the soil was last watered properly 2 weeks ago, when the first seeds were germinated. I'm just going by the leaves as to when she needs water, but she's in danger of falling behind. Given the Critical a 300ml plain water today, keep spraying the plastic dome above the Green Crack. Gonna keep it over her until she's a week old, just to reduce water loss.

Temp conditions are a steady 25-26c, with only a degree fluctuation on occasions. Lights are still 24/0. Will change to 20/4 when I turn the pots on. Going to introduce Boom Boom Spray on Monday too.

any tips, helpers, comments, anything, feel free! Hopefully a fruitful journey!

Ps sorry for potato pics I have a potato phone

Looking great! The GC is some wicked smoke. No water for 2 weeks? Id probably give her a little drink.
Looking great! The GC is some wicked smoke. No water for 2 weeks? Id probably give her a little drink.
Yeah Ive heard great things..tried in Amsterdam, in Easy Times, supposedly... have you had the chance to grow her yourself? Yes, I've given her a little water and she's kicking off now, still, she will be a week behind the Critical age wise and development wise, although perhaps i've lost 1-2 days of growth through non optimal watering of her. Still, think we'll be properly off and running by Monday. I'll post more pics then!
Oh yeah, grew it once and definitely is a hard hit between the eyes! Got some rock hard buds. It will be grown again. Ya git any updates?
Oh yeah, grew it once and definitely is a hard hit between the eyes! Got some rock hard buds. It will be grown again. Ya git any updates?
Will be doing a picture update tomorrow with the missus camera, rather than my potato phone. Giving the girls the first feeding this evening, of 3ml orgatrex and 1g baxtrex per L of water :) for both plants. GC is looking light and a bit weird, her leaves aren't stretching out. Thinking (or more hoping) she just needs a gentle kickstart.

Started LSTing the Critical Kush. She's coming along very nicely. Anyone know if you can turn on the Autopot Ready2Grow system with one plant in one plant out? Or if you all agree the GC is also big enough, I'll just turn on the system tomorrow.

Much respect to all!
Id turn it on if the gc is more than 2 weeks old. My phone takes crappy pics too, i feel your pain!
Evening all, here's an update on Day 22 / Day 15 for the Critical Kush and Green Crack respectively. I turned on the Autopot system earlier today - hopefully the GK isn't too small and can handle this - any suggestions or opnions on this from the pictures?

Pretty steady grow so far, temps 25-26c constantly, been solid 24/0 until today where I introduced a 20/4 light pattern. The Critical Kush is wizzing along, I'm trying to slow her down so the GK can catch up, by picking off big fan leaves etc but nothing is working lol.

Gave them both a 2ml/L Orgatrex and 1g Bactrex feed the other day. LED is at about 27". Unless I see stretch I see no need to lower it just in case I over-do it. I also switched on the other flowering mode on the light. No sign of sexing from either plant yet, but I understand this happens when the roots touch the bottom of the pot. Happy with everything thus far. Any comments, pointers, tips, opinions or suggestions welcome and encouraged!

Green Crack a few days ago, before LST. Just a bit of perlite on her leaf, not a bug!

Green Crack again, she is a slower grower...


The two side by side, a few days ago.




Green Crack (left, 15 days old) Critical Kush (right, 22 days old) as of today...


Happy leaves on the Critical!


Started bending the Green Crack over ... :eyebrows:


Cheers for dropping by! Hopefully we're about to take off! :smoking:
Bit worrying in that their is no sign of either plant showing sex yet. The Critical is nearing 4 weeks old. Any suggestions? Will do a picture update tomorrow
I wouldn't worry. Sometimes they are slow and do as they please. They are females!