Some sick, some great - all treated the same?


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May 21, 2017
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We have an NFT system hydro grow in a tent. We are growing Super Skunk from Sensi Seeds. The plants are just 14 days from seeds hatching. We are using DutchPro nutes (A and B Original grow and Take Root).

So we have 16 plants spaced into 4 trays and have done the same thing for every one. Each went into the rockwool at the same time. We mixed the nutes in one big tub and dished it out equally between the 4 tubs.

The problem we have is that only one tub is doing great, the other 3 are seriously struggling and are less than half the size. Discoloured and yellowing leaves, one looks as though it's pretty much dead as the stem is extremely thin and fragile.

I don't undestand how they all have the same light and the same nutes but some are doing so much better??

I appreciate any helpful response.
left tank is the only good tank
Each tub has it's reservoir? Looks like they are hungry, ph the same in each?
Yeah each tub has it's own reservior but I filled each reservior from the same massive tub where I mixed the nutes.

The PH was a little high actually, but high in all 4 tubs so i lowered it.

You think it could be not enough nutes then?

.... :eek1: super strange,... Ok, I'm not a hydro guy, but once separated, a given res' can go different directions, and/or be suffering from a contamination issue,... have you checked the pH, ppm/EC? Was there even a temporary sudden shift? How do the roots look? At this early stage, and given everything else, it could only be few things,...
The PH is good in all tanks, between 5.8 - 6 in each tank.

I don't have an EC or TDS meter, but I think I might go out out and buy them?

I'm wondering if there could be a contamination or something?? I'm getting extremely worried about them.
Thanks for the response.

So I'll just update you with what I've done, if anybody is interested.

I just bought an EC/PPM meter and the seem pretty okay. Whilst in the grow shop I spoke to the man with my dilemma.
He thinks firstly the plants are too small for the NFT tank? Also, the lights were set too high (600w) so I've lowered to 250w. Also, he reckons the water was too warm and the plants were flooded. So I'm gonna chuck some frozen bottles in there and only burst them with water every few hours.

Hopefully this works. If a plant is damaged this early on, do you think it will affect the final yield?

What kind of setup for water movement / air addition? Kinda wondering if all pumps/ returns are in the same location in each tank...