start of mould?

Jun 26, 2021
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Yesterday I found a bit of a mouldy bud on one of my girls, now I was just wondering if these browning leaves are the start of some on this girl? The browning is going into the bud a little. They are just over 9 weeks with not long to go. I have been growing out side shaking branches after ever rain. They have been going under the gazebo since we got it everytime rain is forecast thanks again.


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Doesn't look like a fungal attack but I'd get a scope under those brown streaks to look for stuff. Just snip a piece off and have a look works too. :)

I just blasted my outdoor plants with the hose earlier tonight and then of course we had a massive thundershower and re-soaked it down good. First rain in almost 2 months tho.

"Yesterday I found a bit of a mouldy bud on one of my girls"

If you had bud rot on one plant then you are at high risk of the spores settling on the other plants.
You really need good air movement. Once moisture gets into bud crevices it creates an ideal environment for fungus. Even shaking branches doesn't reduce the danger. Humidity in the atmosphere will keep the buds moist.
When I had it I found that just touching a sugar leaf that was brown caused it to fall off. When I looked in the bud it was gray and mushy.
Do you have a fan you can set up to blow air through the plants? Maybe set up the fan on the gazebo and move the plants to the gazebo at night with the fan blowing air on them. At night when the air cools down is when the highest humidity occurs.
Have a look


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There usually in the garden, just not when it's raining. there getting a good blast of wind today
Have a look
It doesn't look like bud rot on those leaves. How does the inside of the bud look?
The wind is what you want, I would still put them in the gazebo at night to keep the dew off of them unless you are really dry in your area. .
Slightly furry I Just found :cuss:

Is the brown stuff all dry and powdery? If so then bag and remove for sure.

Raining on and off all day so far here. I'll be shaking my plants a few times to help dry them off too.

I just had a strawberry fog in week 12 that I was getting ready to chop. A week ago or so I noticed some brown leaves on a couple of the buds on different branches but thought it was just time that she was dying off. Well yesterday I went to check the tri's to see if the amber count was up from last week and low and behold same thing. I've primarily grown her indoors in my dining room. Usually I'll put her outside before work if it is sunny out and then bring her back in when I get home and under the lights. I've had an oscillating fan on her since she sprouted but the last few weeks the humidity has gone up. I was in the 50's but I noticed yesterday after what I found it was now in just below 70. Too bad cause those were the fattest buds I've grown so far in the 3+ years now. Into the trash she went :sadcry: