The truth with Miracle Grow potting soil... it kicks ass!


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Mar 2, 2013
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I have not posted on here in some time. I have been busy doing A LOT of shit
and taking on other things in life. This also only includes photo sensitive plants but after growing so many autos with other soils I know this will work too.

I'll start off by saying some people here know some wonderful things and and blow plants up.
They have an art of making plants run at peak!

I am going to share a few things I have found after growing my share of plants.
Many will disagree and over time I hope to show my side.

First thing. Some Miracle Grow products really really kick ass. Others not so much.

One product that works amazing is Miracle Grow potting mix.
Ill start by only the potting mix.

Over the last year I started playing with Miracle Grow potting mix. I had some freshly rooted clones that I just needed to keep around. I wanted to go as cheap and easy as I could.
I took one small back of Miracle Grow potting mix and up shifted 4 clones from solo cups to 1 gal pots. I kept the 1 gal pots under a 150W CFL for 3 months and only gave straight TAP water.
By the end of 3 months they looked pretty beat up and aged but alive.
I then upshift to [HASHTAG]#5[/HASHTAG] or [HASHTAG]#7[/HASHTAG] pots. I cut the potting mix with Roots Organic original at a 50/50 and added soil sweetener/lime at a bit more then the recommended rated.
Watered in with real growers recharge and tap water.
Ran a 300-600 watts HID.

4 plants with tap water, 600W HID that was turned down to start, 3x3 tent, gave and average of 125 clones each in 3 months. Only tap water!
Note you I only gave water and would go to knock down the plants to clone. Treated like total dog shit. They loved it.

I gave away the mother plants after setting them outside abruptly without hardening off and giving cheap lawn fertilizer with a garden hose. The person that picked them up I am sure pulled over 50 clones a plant.

I now take any cutting that have rooted and place right into Miracle Grow potting soil. I water in with a microbe. ( I like the real growers shit it is cheap and it works wonders ) Nothing but tap water.

Upshift always add lime. Faster roots mix with a high grade potting soil. ( I like roots Organic and Batch 64 in the green bag) Love a coco cut mix, roots go nuts.

This is the best KISS method that is low cost. Tap water. Don't have to water often.

You will not end up with the biggest shit, It won't run the fastest, however you dont have to tend to it everyday or every 3-4 days. It works, it works well, its cheap, and you can get it anywhere any time of year.