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Mar 24, 2017
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The events depicted take place between july and sept 2017

Names and locations have been changed out of respect of those affected

So i was down to my last skunk seed and decided to see what would happen if i tried to take a cutting ,this was as i was topping the plant the cutting looked so healthy i couldnt ditch it ,at the time i was watering with molasses and placed it in a little in of the water ,i left it overnight split the stem the following day with a razor and dipped it in rooting powder,potted it up and placed 4 straws in the soil to create a frame and wrapped in clingfilm to make a makeshift closh(im a cheap arsed scotsman) ,a week later and it was looking heathy i removed the cling and for 3 weeks it sat in a shady area of the room ,ive now repotted in an 15 liter pot and its going for a strech and is throwing branches and pistils .Figured it might be worth documenting to see what happens

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First pic is the mother the cutting came from back in the second week of June and the second pic is the cutting after being repotted,I will take some more pics tomorrow as its just be transplanted yet again (yes I know u can't repot them ).....well I just have and its still living and seems happy in a new 11litre pot

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Couple of pics,what we got is one pot three cuttings ,I was gonna just keep the healthiest but couldn't kill them off.....last pic is the plant that the cuttings came off,just praying the cuttings do a full lifecycle

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