Thoughts on Harley Smith?

Dec 7, 2020
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What's the general consensus on this gentleman? He's obviously pushing products in his YouTube videos, but seems to know his stuff.
Why rely on someone on you tube when you have access to proven growers on here?

I mean hes a smart dude with a Phd and some other fancy letters that knows his stuff. I've watched probably as many videos as I could find on YT of him just to try and absorb as much info as possible. I agree hes totally pushing that RAW line but that stuff is water soluble and can help if your in a pinch lol I've got a Potassium bag.
Well, RAW products are pretty good and consistent.
I use their humic acid(starting with this grow) and yucca every watering at 1/4tsp and 1/8tsp respectively to 5gal
I have their amino acid, but I have a supposedly better product. It took a little longer to fully dissolve.
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I watch alot of YouTube growing videos and never heard of that guy :jointman: :baked:
Never heard of him. :pass: but BS= bullshit. MS = more shit. PHD = piled higher Deeper. :bighug:
Kinda like that damn Bubblehead Commanding Officer I had a "conversation" with we were discussing his RC "containment" door on a 688 class attack sub. Fugging educated moron was bitching at me at getting the ship alt done. He kept calling it a "watertight" door and wanted me to do the alt with methods not in the work package that is controlled by QA. Both VERY stupid things!
A 688 class sub only has one door in the sub, just before the reactor core. You can't control flooding with it! It's sole usage is to contain radiation if there is a release. Never mind the blueprints say "containment" door or changing procedures without QA approval is punishable with prison time, this educated moron insisted on getting his way. I wasn't going to do what he wanted and sure wasn't gonna change his mind. Little did he know that I was the working shop supv. and gave updates at the joint squadron and subase daily meeting. When giving the updates on the jobs on that boat, I made sure to go into depth with that one job with the squadron CO attending the meeting. He asked me more in depth questions, mainly about the conversation with the CO. I guess they had a little convo. :biggrin: The next morning I saw the CO and I'm sure glad he wasn't Superman, his stare would have lit me up! No more convos with him! I brought a kid with me to teach and help lay led wire and take measurements. Got the door dialed in by lunch. Instead of getting the Chief Engineer signature in the work package, I went to the CO. I think it was a fitting end to a real clusterf*ck of a job.

I have no idea how this guy got by "Uncle Hymie", Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, the father of US Naval nuclear power. Up until ol Ronnie made him retire in 82 when he was 82, ALL prospective Commanding Officers for Nuke powered vessels had to be interviewed by Uncle Hymie".....a very intelligent, but just as eccentric, man. He shot down people for some of the oddest, but highly logical, reasons. A fine example: Part of the interview is lunch. One candidate was canned because he salted his food before tasting. Strange, right? Actually, it's very logical. The candidate ASSUMED the food needed salt. To be a CO in "Uncle Hymie" nuke navy, you ASSUMED nothing.

I do miss the technical challenge of that set of orders, but I don't miss the damn working hours. My middle name was TC while there..........Till Complete.

Sorry for that rant, but I'm :baked:
What's the general consensus on this gentleman? He's obviously pushing products in his YouTube videos, but seems to know his stuff.

@Mañ'O'Green took his master classes and referred me to him. I enjoy his videos more than Bugbee's as he crams a ton of information in. I don't mind him pushing RAW - one should diversify their income - and everything is typically good advice.