To much light since I changed reflectors

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May 5, 2017
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So, for a couple of years I've been growing with 600w hps lights with cheap standard batwings. I have had good yeilds with them but was thinking I would do even better with quality reflectors. So I bought adjust wings reflectors. The medium avenger. And they reflect way more light then the standard reflectors I had before. Since I bought them I have been struggling with the light, the girls look not as good as they did with the standard, it's like they gets to much light. Is it possible my girls were happy with less light... ?

All I read is : more light = bigger yeild.
But now when they start to bloom they looked like lime green, I can see it affects the leafs highest up on the plants. And they showing deffs, but on lower fan leafs wich I think took a beating in younger stage and the plants are now getting rid of. The short girls I have stay darker and healthy green, but even on them, I can see that the top leafs is getting a touch of to much light. It has to be the reflectors, it's like I'm almost going to change back. I want nice looking and happy plants.

Is it someone who is familiar who can dive in to this with me. Im pretty sure they get to much light, how a plant now can get to much light. Maybe my 24/0 is also contribute to the deffs and burns.

It would mean much to me if someone would give some of their time to give me some advices and look at some photos.

I'm kind of sure on the problem but I would feel more secure with someone with skills and knowledge would confirm my toughts..

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...:toke: need pics mate, and the temps, RH% too,.. sure sounds like too much light intensity/heat, which will cause stress on the plant for water/transpiration, and overwhelm the photosynthetic machinery! There is MOST DEFINITELY such a thing as too much light,.. dig around in the lighting section for more info,.. HPS is a pain for heat, and tops that are too close will really get hammered, even if the ambient temps are OK,.. it's a proximity thing, happens with LED too,....
Thanks. It was probably to much light that was the theif in this case. Lesson learned.
I will have a read about about transpiration, that sounds interesting. Ill check some you-tube videos as well. :vibes: