Mephisto Genetics USA Store Opening Monday, September 6th


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Sep 12, 2018
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The USA store returns Monday, September 6th
3 PM Eastern Time / 12 PM Pacific Time

Hello Meph Heads,

The Mephisto USA store returns for its second opening with our new website!

For the time being, we are still operating on an order limit. We are doing this to make sure we do not overwhelm our new distribution team, and at the same time monitor the capabilities of our new website. The store will close when we hit our order limit, this does not mean all items are sold out. We expect to hit this limit in the first few minutes of the store opening, so be sure to place your order as quickly as possible! When we close the store, your items could be removed from your cart, so please complete your order in a timely manner.

Due to the extended closure of our store to redesign our website, and train new employees, we are dealing with pent-up demand for our product. It is our intention to keep the store open longer and increase our order volume week by week to eat through this demand. With the end goal of staying open permanently and move away for the drop style format. Please bear with us in the meantime!

Please make sure to sign up for a new account if you haven’t already. No guests checkout available at this time, so please make an account beforehand.

Please visit our help center for more detailed information about ordering, payment options, shipping and returns. Please read through the help center if you have any questions!!

Mephisto Help Center

The following strains will be available for purchase this Monday!

  • Alien Vs Triangle
  • Double Grape
  • HubbabubbaHaze
  • Samsquanch OG
  • Super Orange Haze
Hey @stan_mephisto, is the team keeping an eye on USPS activity after Ida? Would hate for the US store to get backed up due to missing/damaged packages due to the natural disaster.
Yeah I ordered Strawberry Nuggets and Mango Smile on Monday. Shipped rather quickly, but hasn’t moved since the USPS label printed stage. I’m on the west coast and I ship a lot of packages for my business via USPS, but haven’t seen much issue on my end.
I got my tracking Monday, it shipped Tuesday and is out for delivery on East coast today
Thank you, buddy! @stan_mephisto going to stock back up on Hubbabubbahaze and Super Orange Haze. Maybe some Samsquanch to further add to my artisanal collection.
I can't get a checkout button on my order page?
Was able to check out. Just some problems adding a 5 pack of super orange haze to the cart but other than that: very smooth!
same here, add to cart but not able to check out.
Keep tying unless it's AvT you want (OOS already). Managed to check out by making my screen larger and repeatedly opening and closing cart for a "skill shot" at hitting the checkout bar while it was black instead of Oink!