What's this leaf trying to tell me?


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Jun 23, 2017
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Problem: Spotting appearing on upper leaves. leaves in general lighter green than I'm used to .

Medium/grow method:
Gold Label HydroCoco (60% clay pebbles 40% coco)

Feed: and supplements used:
Using Remo nutrients entire line

water source:
RO water, tests at 0 ppm / 0 EC

Dinafem CBD Lemon Haze, approx 30 days old, stretching like crazy and throwing out pistils with wild abandon

light used:
DIY Cob, 250w but cranked down to 100w. 2 ft approx from top of plant, light shared with one other plant (the other one is on different nutrients and seems fine).

Temps have been a little hot due to weather (up to 30c) but are now stabilised at 27c, humidity around 30%

Additional info:
Grown in an 15l autopot with airdome. Hand watered till about day twenty when the res was turned on. PH of Remo nutrients solution at 6.2.

Have grown in soil with biotabs before, this is the lightest coloured plant I've grown (followed the Remo calculator on dosages) but apart from that has been fine until the spotting in the photos showed up yesterday. Only appearing on a couple of high up leaves, lower leaves are all spot free. Not used any foliar sprays and no nutes can have been splashed on the leaves. Anyone have any ideas on how to get this back on track? Cheers.
:toke:-- what ppm's /EC is the nute solution at? Heat + low RH% are for sure are playing roles in this,... Is she pale, top to bottom, worst at the tops, showed there first as well? If so, it's likely S defc.,... The spots could be a few things, probably P defc., but i suspect it's part of the heat issues as well,..the stress that heat causes with water/transpiration can trigger other problems, or make them worse,... micronutrient defc.'s are in play as well possibly,...hte 'zebra" striping on some of those upper leaves looks similar to Zn defc., but other co-defc.'s can cause it as well,...
Plant looks faded and hungry up the nutes.
Thanks Waira and Tbag :toke:

The nute solution is 1.2 EC. The strange thing is even the cotyledons came out very light, so really it has been light green from the start. In comparison here's a pic showing the other plant in the space, which looks overfed if anything (Fastbuds GG on different nutes running at 1.2 EC).


So maybe I just need to up the feed on the Lemon Haze and hope she can take what she needs?
It might be a shot in the not-so dark, but the spots could be caused by the leafs being close to the foil and having constant transpiration issues.
I don't see red stems or stunted growth, so my guess is that the light coloration has a cause in the micronutrient spectrum. Usually those are quite hard to diagnose, as well as to fix properly without causing a block or def on the other side. I keep an all round micro-nutrient solution in stock for that sole purpose. Within a day or two after application in the soil, usually the plants get their natural color back. Most flower shops and garden centres sell those solutions.

Since you're using an 'empty' medium (the plant gets what you've put in the solution with coco+pellets) the micro def is something worth checking out. These micro elements tend to wash away or go out of solution easily if the chelate that holds them can find something it likes to 'cling on to' more. I don't know the Reno nutes, so it's hard for me to tell if there's something happening in there without spending half an hour googling.

Are the plants in the picture in the same container? That would help clear things up.
Well... I decided to take drastic action this morning. Took the nute solution from the res and brought it up to 1.6 EC using the Remo nutes but going a bit heavier on their micro, top fed a couple of litres through the pot and then filled the res up with the remainder. Just checked on it now and there's already a big difference. In the picture of the two plants side by side in my previous post you can see the light green plant's leaves are a bit droopy. Compare to a picture I took just now.

They're up and praying to the Gods of Cobs. I swear she'd grown a couple of cm's as well. So maybe she's just a heavy feeder and I was starving the poor thing. Fingers crossed this is it.
I think I have the same problem with my lemon OG haze. It's killing me not knowing what to do for them. They showed the same signs as yours has. I flushed them with plain water and retreaded the media with a higher EC. the following day I thought they had got much better and stretched a little. But now 4 days later it's back again. Either these lemons are really hungry f***ers or they like laughing at us.

Ps I had these a nice dark green until it started flowering. After all I did I now think I've overfed but I'm waiting to see what the others do. This is the worst of the 4.

I'd like to know how yours get on thanks


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Yeah man she just wanted to feed ... Good job
ahhhh, she's been a pale one from the start? Pretty much the same color top to bottom? ...this makes a difference,... I don't know what's behind it, but it happens,... something physiological I believe, that makes them not as efficient at uptake, etc,..? Anyway, with the T and RH better, (RH should go up more, to 40+% at least, with those temps), and the increase in nutes helping, seems there's something to this theory,... Oh, are you in Autopots or something, I just saw the bit about turning your res' on,...? Also, you know about coco's odd CEC characteristics, and what you have to do to deal with it--extra Ca, never straight water and all that? .... I'd treat with a shot or two of epsoms anyway, just to cover the S bases if this is what's behind it,.. 1tsp/qt, you can foliar too at half this strength for fastest results, but you'll need a wetting agent to make it work effectively,.. Coco-Wet is a favorite of mine! ...spray top and bottoms of leaves, and make sure shes out of direct light until dry, and fully dry by lights out,... it can't hurt to try, and we'll see if S defc. is lurking here, as a possibility,... mdid you get more P-K in there? those spots are almost certainly P defc, symptoms,... and the in-pot pH, do you know that too?
Quick update, I kept on ramping up the feed, finally got tip burn at an EC of 3 (I use RO water so that's a lot of nutes/calmag etc to get it that high)! backed off a little now. Color is still very light, I think she may just may've been born like that, certainly none of this monkeying around has stopped her growth, she's stretched like crazy and flowering nicely too. No more spotting has appeared on new growth so that was just as you guys suggested a case of underfeeding. Amazing smell coming off her now so I'm still confident that I'll still get some nice bud in the end.