BioTabs When will Biotabs be available in the U.S. ??


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Nov 13, 2014
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Biotabs... Will they Ever be for sale WITHIN the Continental United States? If so when? Are there any plans for them to be sold in America any time soon? Any answers would be very much appreciated! Thanks everybody!
US customs will not let it in.
My real question here is...Will they ever set up shop out in the states like Mephisto did??? Also, really? Why wouldn't customs allow their grow products, yet every other fertilizer etc. product/company I can think of? That doesn't sound right..There's American growers on here with their entire line-up...journals and the whole nine so I don't think that's the case...
My guess is live cultures..... don't we have a biotab rep around here somewheres?
Nope other than I wanna place an order for some organitrex and some startrex and things.but if I cant get it. had no problem thus far..sooo unsure.I know some do have issues.I myself have not so far. so we'll see man. Im sorry theyre not available in the states.they'd sell a shit ton of them certainly.LOL or KIS soil on the east coast for that matter.LOL
Hey guys, when we first rolled this out, 1/2 of the test team had their kits put on hold and I got an e-mail and phone call from our USDA(US department of agriculture. This product has beef blood from Europe in it, which throws up a red flag, but we all got out kits after a phone call. Kees from biotabs has stated that some get snagged, while other get passed on through with no problems. Kind of like ordering seeds, some might get snagged at certain locations of postal hubs and most dont. If you all have concerns, email biotabs and Kees(the owner) will get back to you!
Guess they're afraid our buds will come down with mad cow disease...thanks for watchin out for me, overly bloated gov... dont know how I'd tie my shoes if I didn't have state and federal morons helping...

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I'm from the government and I'm here to help." (Ronald Reagan)
I had my recent order seized then released by ups customs, all you have to do as the importer is fill out a TCSA toxic substance control act declaration that tou are not knowingly importing an illegal product.

See my thread "and now i know why"