World of Seeds Tonic ryder???????

If its world of seeds it should be nice!
...looks fairly new, and there's a wave of such medical oriented strains out there now,... :welcome: Welcome back mate! :d5:... hope this girls does it for you- :hump:!! ...plenty of interest likely, check around site for others growing higher CBD strains,.. Med section might have some too,... :smokeout:
i got em.

I'll get them started soon, maybe in my blue bud thread. Very similar genetics.


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I stayed up all night for this fuckin @mephisto drop and it didnt fucking happen. On the bright side i slept for more than half a day after that and my seeds split 3 for 3.
I hope this works out, i have fast buds green crack going into flower and i treated a branch with sts. If i can make some cbd rich auto fems, i think they'd be worth something. I've been struggling to make my own seeds i feel are truely worth something.

The sour blues were supposed to be the match for this sts project but im waiting to clear out more space in my room so i can run it side by side with almach from portal to see if i can find a better selection.

If this green crack x tonic ryder happens its already got a nick name in my head, smoke-a-cola. Tonic = soda and crack = cocain so this could be my cocacola of weed.

Our currently availible weed is mostly thc or mostly cbd and i think f1s will be more of a blending of the two where as in f2s half might lean one way or the other, so this seems like a good way to use fem pollen and f1s.
Someones going to have to help me convince myself to get another pack of these and run them. My seed collection seems stable enough but the ones i had didn't take.
I convinced myself, seedsman is sending a 3 pack. Im going to try again.