Yellow Leaves Scare in White Widow Auto

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Apr 8, 2017
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Could anybody please offer some simplistic advice if possible? Several big leaves turning totally yellow on each plant
yellow leaf.jpg
. Growing outdoors, week 7, Fox Farm trio gradually at 50%.
It's not uncommon for a few leaves to yellow and die off.Are you using cal/mag?Other than a few yellow leaves she is looking just fine.
Looks like a nice thriving plant
The leaves are continuing to yellow. Have been using 2.5 ml of Cal Mag Plus and gradually up to 50% FF Trio and the yellowing looks like an issue. More photos below. Thanks for help/
group plants.jpg


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:toke:-- all lowers, right? Looks like basic N defc. fan tapping that is,... N being pulled from these lowers to support bud production, perfectly normal for this stage,... What FF nutes are you using now, Tiger bloom and Big Bloom? Note, BB is very very weak stuff as far as NPK#'s go,.. all in the decimals! It's good stuff, but NOT a significant source of NPK,... Tiger has a decent amount of N in it, so unless the fans are fading very fast, stay the course, maybe up the conc. to 3/4 strength,.. how often do you feed? Are these photo' plants. BTW?
These are auto flowers about 7 weeks in growth. Using all 3 FF bottles at 50%- should I use Big Grow with lots of N? Also, should I use Cal Mag plus for N. Right now, some of the leaves are a little burnt too and the yellowing is worrisome. Thanks more Grow Big, just Tiger and BB,... again, some yellowing is normal as buds ripen,... get me close up's of the leaves mate, I can't see what you mean in these,...
Thank you very much for your advice. Here are some leaf photos for your diagnosis.Just feed with 5ml/gallon
leaves 2.jpg
BB, 5ml Tiger and 3ml Cal Mag plus.
...seeing some Ca defc. too, so up that to full str. dosing,... your 5ml Tiger, is that per gal? Might be too mild as well if so,.. only 1tsp is pretty weak, so ease that up a bit too,..