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Jun 14, 2017
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Hey fellas I posted a couple weeks back trying to figure out what was wrong with one of my girls and the consensus was she had a bit of nitrogen toxicity.. I fed her for the first time about a week ago, I watered her a few days ago with plain ph'd water
now she looks like this? Any ideas what's wrong with her?

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Hey man,

Yeah I can definitely see some n toxicity, have you switched over to bloom nutes yet? Also, what are your temps and RH%? I see signs of heat stress. If you are concerned with the yellowing leaves, you'll need a better eye than I... Usually in bloom some of my fans with lighten a bit but not yellow this early but they are shaded a bit it seems -kinda hard to tell from the picture...

Hey man thanks for the response.. No I haven't switched over yet but I plan to next feeding.. My RH is between 45% and 55%.. We had a bad heatwave last week and I was struggling to keep the temps below 84.. I'm using a 315w lec and I have set around 20 inches from the top of the canopy.. My temps have been pretty good these last few days, the temps are around 79 with lights on and around 72 with the lights off

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What are you feeding her with NPK numbers and dosage?Are you using cal/mag?
I'm using general organic nutes but I've only been feeding her a 1/4 of the recommended dose.. My 4 other girls seem to be doing fine.. should I flush her?

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If your using organic nutes you shouldn't have to flush but I would recommend raising the dosage to half strength and hopefully your using bloom nutes at this stage.You should be using cal/mag during flowering also or get some mollassis and add that to give you some extra calcium and magniesium.