Day 21+

Greetings all. The is the end of week 3 update... just a few days late...

Pistils are starting to pop over here 🙂


The cbd 1:1 got topped a few days after everyone else & they all seem to have responded well to it.
The CBD is still the smallest of the bunch but she's also clearly a little behind, developmentally, as well.

The variegation on the one particular Mimosa Cake seems to have only lasted until she started showing sex & the new veg leaves are a much more uniform green.

They all had between 3 & 3.5L of feed this week over 3 feeds on the following schedule (per L):
3ml root juice
2ml alga mic
2ml grow
.5 ml silicon Max
One of the feeds also had 1.5mo cal/mag.

I've noticed the ever so slight onset of tip burn on a couple but not enough to worry.

The CBD 1:1 had some clawing on the upper leaves for a couple of days but that seems to have resolved itself .... For now 😅

Temps have been a little lower this week, around 22c
Humidity is out of control now. Consistently 80%+ but that's just how we roll over here

I'll be back shortly with next week's update....
Stay green 💚


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