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Method Seven Cultivator FX

Eye safety is often an afterthought for the average grower, but it should be something we all take seriously. My first set of grow room glasses were a clunky pair of dark green glasses that remind me of the blackout sunglasses that slip over prescriptions you may associate with the elderly. The Method Seven glasses come in a range of styles…. but in this review my kids gifted me the cheapest ones for Father’s Day that make me look like a total Douche. But this is ok as I am alone in my basement, the glasses perform flawlessly, and they were gifted with love.

Comfort: I could wear these for hours at a time without being discomforted. There are many soft surfaces that also add a bit of grip so they don’t slide down at all.

View: The Method 7’s are amazing for not negatively affecting your view of foliage. Color Rendition is spot on allowing you to see minute changes in the leaves that wasn’t possible at all with the dark green glasses. See comparison photos below

Cost: The entry level pair starts at $50 a fair price and one I will pay again if I ever need to.

Durability: 8 months of Daily use multiple times per day and the glasses are holding up very well and I’ve impressively(for a stoner) only scratched them once

Comparison Pictures:
Control(no glasses)

Method Seven

Old Clunky Green Glasses

And another
Method 7

Old green Clunkers

Summary: Method 7 Cultivator FX’s are a great introductory pair of grow room glasses that I would recommend to anyone looking for eye protection within the grow environment.

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