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Coal Miner’s Daughter F5 Auto

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Professional, Generous, Discreet, and genuinely seems like the kind of crew you want to hang out with. :smokeout:

Multiverse Beans has become my go to seedbank. I recently placed an order for a 10 pack of Gnome Automatics Coal Miner’s Daughter F5 Auto Regs.

I found them in the “steal these beans” section… I’m a sucker for a good deal. They were marked down 20% off and oddly enough the coupon code I had worked for an additional 10%off (unclepauly) was the code I think try it:baked:. $81 shipped all said and done great deal. I fucking love the stickers, got a little grinder, a pin. Got 4 freebie seeds. Two seeds of Tricross from Atlas and two seeds of Stone Fruit auto from Mutant Genetics. Both are breeders I’ve never tried so I’m excited for the free diversity. I like that the breeder was listed for the freebie source, a bit ahead of other banks here. Everything was well packaged, no seeds being crushed by a sorter. Shipping was fast with a tracking number provided and prompt emails upon ordering, payment and shipment of the item. There are highly functional stoners operating Multiverse Beans. Very competent and can be trusted for supplying true to breeder seeds. Check them out at
I bet they have what your looking for at a good price :pass:
Newman was not incentivized to do this review in any way, took the time out of sheer respect for MVB’s ongoing sponsorship of AFN, the greatest autoflower website in the Multiverse

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