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Old Sage Seeds Acid Patch Kids This was my first time growing this strain and I can't wait to get some more :woohoo: Strain guide:
Generation: F3
Sex: Regular
Type: Autoflower
Parentage: Purple Microdot x Sweet N Sour

-Growth: Medium height 2-4 ft. (depending on grow style and pot size). Leaf tucking and LST highly encouraged to create an even canopy. Finishes in about 80-90 days (3 gallon pot).
-Aroma: Flintstone Vitamins, citrus, berries, and a hint of gas.
-Effect: A bit of a creeper, but she hits hard. Usually described as happy, uplifting, euphoric, spacey.

For me she was a super fun grow I used coco/perlite for media with 3 gal grow bags feeding Megacrop 2 part..I had a few issues still learning to grow and setting up irrigation but she still grew quite large 2-3' and could barely hold herself up by the end:cooldance::yay: Buds were super frosty rock hard and sticky with very strong fruit smell almost exactly juicy fruit gum a very pleasant aroma. I grew two of them topped one and one not both grow very similar structure and buds were identical both exploding in during the early flower transitions trying to get beastly and both finishing in 90 days and yielding 46 & 73 grams



Smoke report: she was one of the strongest head highs i've had very strong:woohoo1:Rosin hit you really fast and almost tripping you could say as stuff gets blurry and a delight to smoke with the fruity flavor and aroma she check all the boxes for me :greencheck: :baked::dizzy::headbang:



I would highly recommend this cultivar and breeder as they have been very fun to grow and helpful on site. This strain will definitely be in my rotation being she can grow large with super frosty fruity buds finishing in under 100 days above ground :woohoo::cooldance::vibe::bighug:

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