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I've been running the Marshydro FC-3000 for over a year now figured better late then never to do a review for it I've grown a few happy gorgeous plants under it in a 3x3. I really can't say anything bad about the light as it has ran flawlessly. I am a huge fan of the bar style lights with the removable driver. That is a nice feature and it's super easy to do with the FC series. The 3000 puts out plenty of power for a 3x3 at the outlet tested with watt meter 288 watts at 100%. All in all this is a great light for the price with great coverage and flexibility of removing the driver. This praticauuly like is a little older and then have upgraded to better versions now which everything I have heard has been fantastic :headbang:


Here is my journals with it from the first with the unboxing and light details and specs to the latest since I am still running light:headbang:

Dale's 3x3 with a marshydro FC-3000 and Twenty20

Dale's 3x3 with marshydro FC-3000

LilD get's some Earthbox's

Lil Dab's Earthboxes and Organics
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