Autoflowering Twenty20 Ogreberry F4 Sour grape pheno

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Twenty20 Ogreberry F4 Sour grape pheno

So lets' start with a huge thank you to @Twenty20 Adam for providing us with this seeds for the G&S:thanks::toke: this is the strain info copied and pasted from G&S and she follows it perfect :clapper::bow:

  • Lineage/Origins: Ogreberry King Band
  • Type (Indica/Sativa): Indica Dominant
  • Filial Generation: F4
  • PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index) very low to low
  • First sign of flower in days: 23-28
  • Total life cycle in days: 78-88
  • Height: below average to average
  • Yield Index (per sf): above average
  • Aroma/Nose: fruity, gym socks, overripe strawberries, grapes, raspberries
  • Effects: perfectly balanced, potent and long lasting but not extremely narcotic
  • Miscellaneous notes and bulletins: Almost a perfect replica of our long-time favorite local Mendo variety called Ogre Berry King Band. The buds get large and have an indescribable melange of aromas akin to a long forgotten bowl of fruit salad left in the trunk of your car.

So now I've grown this strain twice now and both times were awesome she didn't get to be a massive plant but had tons of branches and gets very bushy. The buds stack up tight and make brick like cola's that are very dense and just covered in frost.. Then once late flower hit the grape smell really starts to come and that is all you smell when you open the tent. It is a very grapey much like grape soda but there is a after funk/nastiness:gassy1::headbang: In the end she is a very easy grow she handled training and defilation very well and was needed as bushy and thick she got:vibe:

Lifespan and yield: I harvested both of my girls in 80-90 range with mostly cloudy with a little amber with between 60-90 grams each time with new grower mistakes she could probably do much better then that with experienced hands

Smoke report: She is a heavy hitter with a very grape dank taste that comes through in the rosin.. Once you hit this is a very strong head high some hits will make me dizzy and then I just lose track of time and everything :baked: I definitely use this as my night time smoke don't do to much out and about with this it bakes me:dizzy::sleeping:





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