1. NiceOption

    Seed Stockers Seedstockers Super Skunk & Fruit Cake GOTY 19 2

    My first battle and this one didn't get off to the best start but after starting three of the Super Skunk seeds, one finally showed herself above ground. She'll also be alongside a Fruit Cake which cannot be entered into the battle due to timing but I figured I'd document her here as well...
  2. Daipot

    Photoperiod Trippy gorilla by big heads seeds - insane THC content!

    hey guys I'm doing a little journal on big head seeds trippy gorilla. The ridiculously high THC conten drew me too growing this one out. According to the breeder it's content is 28%!!!! That'll be some insane bud and the trim will make some decent hash as well. All the seeds popped within 24...
  3. FG4auto

    New Grower 3 Bears OG (Mephisto) in supersoil, 2x2x4, 300w, 1st Grow

    Hello AFN! This will be my first grow journal so feel free to follow along. Tips, advice, and suggestions are more than welcome. 3 Bears Og from Mephisto Genetics Space : 2x2x4 grow tent inside closet Light : (1) 300w Mars Hydro Medium : Malibu Potting Soil + Worm Castings Mix (About 20-30%...
  4. FG4auto

    Live Stoners Hello AFN! First Time Grower with 13 Beans.

    Hey everyone! Just got my hands on a few seeds and thought that now would be the perfect time to make an account on AFN. I have been lurking for a month after being shown this site by friends and I think I'm finally ready to start my first grow journal. As for me, I am a long time smoker...
  5. ShapeShift

    Lighting Mars II 400w users, show me your ladies!

    Hey all! Currently looking at purchasing a Mars II 400w w/5w chips. I will be adding it to my 60x60x150cm tent, which currently has a 300w old style Mars w/5w chips. Please give me your feedback if you've had experience with this light, post your photos, grows, thread. Hoping to have 2-3...