1. O

    Lighting HID & LED combo setup

    Hey there! I've been growing outdoor for a while and going to get my first indoor setup soon. I am pretty certain i want to use a combo setup as i believe both technologies have a lot to offer. I'm going to get a 2x4x5 tent and I'm getting 2xMars Hydro Refletcor 48 and then.. would 250w HID...
  2. W

    New Grower Auto CFL setup

    Hey all, Just about to grow some G14. Have a 3x3 secret jardin, 1x 400w dual spectrum cfl, 1 x dws pot. Only growing one at a time as this is my first dwc grow. Never used a dual spectrum light but thought I’d give it a go. Will a 400w cfl have enough power for the one plant? Will I add...
  3. I

    New Grower First time growing anything, DIY hydro

    Hello I have started a project by myself growing cannabis autoflower, I have never in my life grown anything and didn't even know what Hydroponics even was a few months ago before I started. I have had some issues with heat,transplantation, Several times burning or under feeding the plant...
  4. C

    Live Stoners Smart pots? MH/HPS? New autogrower, need tips :)

    Hey all, I'm new to growing indoors entirely, I've only ever grown outdoors, so I'm in need of some advice. I have a grow tent, 400w ballast, glass tube & reflector, 2 bulbs (1x MH and 1x HPS), duct, fan etc. I recently started reading about autoflowering seeds, and thought this might be a good...
  5. Sperminat0r

    Indoor 1x Northern Light Auto - 400W HPS | 50L Soil | SCROG - First Time Grow

    Hello Folks! This is my first time growing. This one was just for test that's why i don't have many pictures. First week i used 25W CFL light (24/0), after that i used 100W 6500K Led light till week 3 (20/4). From week 3 i used 400W HPS light (18/6) I started with the nutrients at day 14...
  6. ShapeShift

    Lighting Mars II 400w users, show me your ladies!

    Hey all! Currently looking at purchasing a Mars II 400w w/5w chips. I will be adding it to my 60x60x150cm tent, which currently has a 300w old style Mars w/5w chips. Please give me your feedback if you've had experience with this light, post your photos, grows, thread. Hoping to have 2-3...