1. Newtoautogrow


    sup guys so I've ran I to another problem... My set up is the attic at 18/6... When the lights are on I'm getting 25°-28°...when the lights are off I'm getting as low as 12°...i have a 45w tube heater going in there.... When the lights go off the exhaust fan also turns off to try keep heat in...
  2. NixonIsNow

    Indoor Bagseed? Advanced Nutrients

    Hi Y'all its been a few years. lol I've got a few minor grows in after that but this time I had to try out advanced nutrients PH perfect's line up. This is also my first DWC experience. I got random seeds from supposedly amsterdam so I have no idea but it's a mix...exciting? I'm also curious...
  3. Ozzie Greenthumb

    New Grower (New indoor auto grower) Tangerine Dream and Sour Kush. Cheap grow!!

    Hey afn nation! I am a long time photo outdoor grower. I just switched to indoor autoflower plants. I am an hvac Master technician and a master electrician. I built my tent from giveaway ductwrap from dollar general that they use to keep their frozen food cold. (Go to local store on delivery...
  4. Ozzie Greenthumb

    Best par for veg/flowering Led height 600w galaxyhydro!!!

    I have a small 18"×36"×72"tall climate controlled cabinet just wondering what height for seedling/veg/flowering for my 600w galaxyhydro roleandro led light please help thanks
  5. NiceOption

    Live Stoners Noob intro: growing for MMJ

    Hey guys, So I'm both new to the network and new to growing. I came to growing due to a recent diagnosis of Fibromyalgia (after seeing various docs and "specialists"). I tried various medications and treatments all of which either didn't work or carried side effects which were almost more...
  6. PhenoX

    New Grower first timer here. meet my cheesy girls.

    Hello. I just wanted some thoughts and impressions on my first grow. Much appreciated :) Growing Auto cheese crossed with Northern Lights. they are 35 days old. using coco. using Bio Diesel Nutrients. indoor 600w LED and outdoor Sun in summer in the mid 30s celsius no training or topping done...
  7. Cheeseman

    Lighting Newbie - telos info please

    hello. This is my first post here. Currently growing under HPS but was struggling with heat this summer so I’ve decided to upgrade the lights to LEDs. The GN telos 8s look to be doing some nice results. Can anyone tell me the footprint the 0008 has compared to a normal 600w hps parabolic? Also...
  8. Ozbud

    Live Stoners Intro

    Hey all, OzBud here. New to AFN so thought I'd come and introduce myself, not sure if this is the right place to post this. I've been smoking recreationally for 11 years now and started growing indoors last year. First grow last year was a 2x3 DIY cupboard setup, 600W HPS, 2 unknown Autos by...
  9. Daipot

    Indoor Beginning of a perpetual grow......

    Hi guys I've been away from here for a while and thought I'd come back swinging with a grow log. I've setup a perpetual grow area which is currently in the starting stages. First off I'll explain my vegging area: The tent being used is a 2m long x 1.2 wide x 1.2 high. It's my old grow turned...
  10. stillSmokin420

    New Grower Do i need more lights?

    ok this is my 1st grow and im doing it big! HAHA im using my extra bed room L=13ft W=15ft H=10ft i got 50 airpots im gonna pop 50 fem autos from attitude seed. im gonna put 50 pots int he middle of room like the picture....the 50 pots only take up 8x8 i have 2 1000w hps lights is that enough for...
  11. I grow my own

    New Grower Auto Diesel by speed seeds

    Two days old under 150watt hps for the first week of seedling stage will be switching to 600 watt in a week or so..
  12. Alwaysautos

    Dutch Passion Alwaysautos 600w HPS Auto Ultimate Experiment

    Afternoon all and welcome :styles rasta:. This is my first post in the Dutch Passion section. I can usually be found in the Sweet Seeds section (link to my current journal for those interested: https://www.autoflower.org/f142/bloody-skunk-sweet-trainwreck-39191.html) My set up is as follows...