1. D

    Seedlings have a droop

    Hey all thanks for the help in advance. My auto purple haze seedling has bit of a droop to it. I grew one last year same strain and seed company and don’t remember the leaves drooping at all. I have the spider farmer sf2000 at 60% intensity about 3 ft above 24hrs so far. Using cloth pots. Using...
  2. R

    Nitrogen toxicity?

    Back left corner largest one tent does it look like nitrogen toxicity?
  3. First grow, Thoughts and advice

    First grow, Thoughts and advice

    Pictures of my plants from today 6/11 and its been24 days since sprouted. I'm a bit concerned I feel like a few of them are kinda small for 24day old auto's. Today is the first day that I gave nutrients I used the fox farm nutrient chart and gave a little less than half what it said of grow big...
  4. Raskalius

    Just bought this combo, is anyone using the same or similar?

    Just bought a RAM ultrasonic humidifier with a 13 Litre tank and an Inkbird IHC200 humidity controller for my 5x5 tent setup, is anyone using the same or similar kind of setup? What kind of water should i fill it with, straight tap, distilled, purified? Any pointers, advice etc would be most...
  5. S

    Mutant? Or super early Nanners? Should I pull it?

    RQS Sherbet Queen auto. Planted 16th Dec. Medium: Soil/perlite ph: 6.5 ppd: 205 Water around 250ml every 2 days. Temp: 24c/75f RH: 58% Light is 20inch above plants MH TS600 *checked the lux etc and seems good* Is this a mutation? Nanners? sickness? Its my first grow and I don't want it to mess...
  6. R

    New growers issues. (week 2,3 autos)

    Hi all, New to this place and growing my own Autos. I currently have a small set up of 3 plants. 2 doctors choice #1 and 1 blue galato 41. Im at week 2 and im worried that my plants are not coming along well. One has very slight discolouration on... Just to speed things up, im aware of...
  7. A

    question about lights (newbie)

    Let's say I have a space of 10 square meters at my disposal. I would like to put there approximately 30 autoflowers (auto Critical Orange Punch) in 20L pots grown in soil. I also have 8-10 blurple BestVa lights with 600w strength (real power drawn from wall is 60w, and 120w when turned on both...
  8. A

    Opinion/advice on my set up

    Hi, bit long winded here so if you last till the end I thank you eternally. Just going to list my everythin I have for my set up and would love to hear everyone’s opinions on anythin ive missed/not to use, how to use which properly and any tips and tricks to help me along. I’ll be planting...
  9. K

    New grower - Nuc Burn?

    I just notice this starting on the tips at the top of the plant last week . I’ve only too dressed once 12days ago with 4-4-4 dry . Any thought or big concerns
  10. G

    First timer trying to learn,

    Hi all, As the title implys i am a first timer and looking to learn from mistakes. My first auto lady seems to not be doing to well and I'm looking for advice on how to avoid a misshap like this again form below for info and a quick pic for identification. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  11. O

    AutoPots: Soil, Maybe Amended with Coco? Megacrop with Drip Clean in Res?

    Hello, Very close to buying an AutoPot system for my 30x24x69” tent. Thinking two 2.2 gallon 1Pot systems. Had a question about the grow medium. I want to use soil since I like organic feeding and not needing to pH my water. Can I use that in AutoPots successfully? I would use drip clean and...
  12. UncleJesus

    Live Stoners 1st Time Grow Results + Custom Build

    1st time grower here. Take a look at my build I made plus some flowering pics! Close to harvest. Will update you all on results! 2x2x4 Custom Grow Cabinet WHATS INSIDE? Links included - 110 CFM Computer Fan (AC INFINITY AXIAL1238) $21.99 - Parfact Works 250 Watt LED $86.00 - Parfact Works 1000...
  13. N

    New grower with some questions

    Hello! This year I've decided to try and grow a couple of plants outside.I find lots of different information on the Internet, but I think that here I can get the most accurate one. So, I own a couple of autoseeds and a couple of regular seeds (Lemon Skunk ; Somango ; Auto Super...
  14. L

    Any advice appreciated

    Good morning growers, due to being stuck in and demented i am taken up a new hobby. Growing has always been a plan id never thought i would get around too, but here I am. I have purchased mars ts1000 70x70x160 tent 7.5L plastic pots 2 10 L fabric pots 4" rhino carbon filter kit biobizz...
  15. BigBudz2020

    New Grower Needing Help and Advice

    Hi guys, I think I'm posting in the right section? Apologies if I'm not. I am going to be planting some Think Different Autos from Dutch Passion in my greenhouse as I have heard they do well in the UK climate. I am planting straight into an 11litre pot once my seeds are germinated as I have...
  16. O

    Help with Final Choice for Soil Medium

    I have all my supplies laid out, I got my seeds, and I have access to a bunch of soil/amendments without needing to buy any extra (FFOF, Happy Frog, BioBizz LightMix, alfalfa meal, EWC, perlite, Dolomite Lime, Recharge myco, Mycochum, MegaCrop and Bud Explosion from GLN) but I’m not sure which...
  17. GreenMersh

    Advice Needed. Medium/seedbank/Pots

    Alright so I’m looking for the best and most fool proof options, as I am re doing a lot of my growing set up. I need to figure out what is the best and most simple soil for a newer grower to use on auto flowers. I’ve been using pure happy frog soil from fox farm, feeding with just Phed water and...
  18. iman

    Grow Mediums Pot size/type

    Hi guys, just done my first grow in 120x120 (4x4ft) tent. I did 4x autos (fast and Vast) and there was loads of room left in tent. These were in 22 litre air pots which might be too big. Was thinking of doing 6 plants this time, maybe 7 I’ll see what I can propagate as lost a lot. Could I get...
  19. steelcap956

    New Grower Dark Devil Auto in Aerogarden with 600w LED. Need help!!!

    Day 7 after transfer from paper towel to MG grow pod. seed sprouted a small taproot. It grew straight up but seemed to be unable to shed shell which was very hard after 5 days. I did some research and found many growers removing shell and membrane with tweezers. I attempted this today and was...
  20. T

    Lighting HPS to LED.. what should I do

    ive grown with hps for years but crazy high electric bills are forcing my hand to led. The shop I get all my nutes etc from always advised me against them but I’ve read a lot of positive and the cost is now the main driver I always grow a selection of autos in a 4x8 ft tent, NFT hydro...