1. Hotshot

    Nutrients Hold a newbs hand

    I’m having issues of yellow leaves, some brown spots, some brown on leaf edges. I just cleaned out Autopot system today and changed nutrients to ILGMs flower nutes and calmag. I’d like to send to flower soon any guidance is greatly appreciated. PH around 6.4 ak47 photos week 8 of grow Fox farm...
  2. S

    1st Grow in 40+ Years!
    Threadmarks: First grow in 40 years!

    Hi All! I'm new to this, other than an attempt I made over 40 years ago! I'm now 72 and decided to do it again! Last time my plants grew to over 7 feet tall, with not one flower! I grew them in my backyard veg garden. So, I wish I had without keeping any records of my progress, I wish I had. I...
  3. BassAce5000

    Seed Bank Rebel Seeds to USA

    Took a little over 3-weeks to arrive but they landed no problem. Got all auto regular seeds. No freebies, but the prices were great and cheap. Free shipping. Big Devil XL Space Monkey White Haze AK47
  4. S

    First grow. AK47 auto

    First off I just wanna say hey y’all! Joined this forum today. Been reading here for a little bit. Enjoying the content and answers by some of the elders here. Soaking up everything I can. Total noob! Got my AK47 from weedseedsexpress. Out of Amsterdam. Did my research for a few months prior to...
  5. Kaosgarden

    New Grower My unlucky AK47 grow

    I wanted to do a thread from the beginning unlike my first thread here that started mid in. But with work, kid's and some sad news I did not have the time to do it. But anyway here it is. I got a complete used tent with all the gear really cheap from a guy giving up growing. Just the 2...
  6. Dhante420

    New Grower Grow #2 - Organic - Viparspectra LED - HPS

    Hello Everyone :d5: Glad to be back and starting a new grow! This will be my second grow ever and im happy to share it with you guys. Here is what i have... 1.2mx1.2m Mars Hydro Grow Tent Can Filter and Extraction Fan 3ft 120w Tubular Heater 1x 600w Viparspectra LED light 2x 350w Viparspectra...
  7. Jade Tonks

    Indoor Tonk's First Grow - White Widow Max, Big Bud, AK47 in Coco

    Hi guys! So this is my first grow - I'm 3 weeks in so starting this journal a little late. I have one elsewhere but I'm after more auto-specific advice and this place seems awesome :D The Set Up Medium: Coco Coir 70%, Perlite 30%. Pots: Plastic 5L (Next time I'd go 10L at least - pots were...
  8. FarmerD

    Live Stoners Intro and pics Ak47 Amnesia haze

    Hey again guys I did post yesterday but no one seems too interested so I've decided to properly introduce myself to the AFN family. You can call me FarmerD, I have one successful grow under my belt ( a regular photo seed I got really lucky with out of a bag of weed ) and that little lady got...
  9. FarmerD

    Live Stoners 6 weeks into my 2nd auto grow Ak47 and amnesia haze

    Hey guys I'm somewhat of a noob to the grow scene with only 1 successful grow under my belt ( a photo-sensitive ) and a failed attempt at autoflowers, I completely fucked up the ph levels and poor little girls never even really took off! But anyways I learned from my mistakes and gained...
  10. J

    New Grower True 330 Watt LED/COB Soil Grow First Time Indoors!!

    1/10/2017 DAY 2 AK Auto Fem Canuk seeds & Auto fem blue cheese Royal Queen Seeds Germinated both seeds via paper towel method the AK tap root sprouted in 23 hours and the cheese in 27 hours. Planted the AK in a 5 gallon smart pot, and the cheese in a 5gallon plastic pot with drilled holes...
  11. CannaMedic

    Live Stoners Hurray! Woot! Massachusetts Go's Legal

    I just had to make a celebratory post. Where I live, Massachusetts USA its now legal to grow Cannabis. I'm going from a tent to a 16x16 room for my next grow. We are allowed 12 plants. I live in Colorado during ski season so Its not my 1st experience with legal weed but it sure feels good...
  12. budelee

    Indoor AK47/WW ...and.. Dhaze-99 Grow and Smoke Report

    Seedbank: Autobeanstalk Name:AK47/White Widow Cross...Dhaze-99 Did it autoflower:Yes...yes Media:Coco Nutes: GH Maxi Bloom Lucas Ratio Formula supplement with cal mag and silica,GH Bloom boosters were also added on these plants.. Lights: 600 watts MH for veg,600 watts HPS for Bloom..18/6 light...
  13. E

    Indoor Tropical Outdoor: White Widow Max, AK47, Cheese, Great White Shark, Northern Lights

    New Grow Journal Outdoor Guerrilla: White Widow Max, White LSD, AK47, Sour Diesel (Introduction for Maria here: https://www.autoflower.org/threads/hi-from-maria-3.53934/ ) Seeds from www.marijuana-seeds.nl : (The top three from the left are freebies, unmarked Northern Lights, Auto Cheese...
  14. E

    Live Stoners Hi from Maria <3

    Hello everyone! Happy to find this Forum and join you all to discuss autoflowering ganja. I've been out of this scene for some time now, but had a number of gardens (mainly indoor, first hydro but then all organic) almost 20 years ago with photoperiod plants. I started with some local outdoor...
  15. Professionalgriefer

    Indoor 800w hps, cfl. Nirvana og lemon / bubblicious x2 / auto amnesia / ak47

    The Sup been posting in the wrong forum so hopefully get some feedback .... Not a pro but not a newbie got myself 800w lighting with a nice vent system. Currently growing auto amnesia which has just started flowering. Small however I have ak47 2 bubblicious and a new lemon og which I germed...