auto blueberry

  1. Cringer

    Dutch Passion Auto Blueberry in Plagron Coco

    Hello it's time to Grow a DP Bean again :yay:the last Plant i have Grown are 2 years Ago it was the "Auto Colorado Cookies" but i have Grown i in 2014 the "Blue Auto Mazar" on my Balcony and it was one of the Best Weed i have ever Grwon. Fist i want to Grow the Original BB from Short but i try...
  2. sir grow alot

    Indoor SGA's No-till, Autocob,DP Auto Blueberry x1

    What up AFN Fam! Here for a little mini grow. in a small space around 2'x2' with x1 55w Autocob and a chinese 120 W LED. The strain will be from Dutch Passion and is the Auto Blueberry grown in a 15 gal fabric pot with coots no till soil mix. I am growing it out of all the seeds i just got in...
  3. jingo

    Mephisto Genetics Auto Blue Smoke Report

    Seed Mephisto Genetics Strain Auto Blue Autoflower yes/no Yes Light kind and schedule T5 panel to start, finished under mars II 700 Nutrient lineup General Hydroponics, trio, rapid start, calimagic, liquid koolbloom Pot and medium GH compressed coco and 3 gallon felt pot Time to harvest 54...
  4. TermnalVoid

    Indoor Airpots and Aeropress Perpetual Noob Grow

    Hi there AFN! Welcome to my very 1st grow log. It could be the most exciting or the most tedious thing I have ever embarked on, but learning is guaranteed. I'm going to grow 3 Dutch Passion Seeds in AirPots. 2 x Daiquiri Lime Auto and 1 x Auto Blueberry My set up is; 80x80x180 Black Orchid...
  5. Rebel

    Indoor Rebel's Coffee Shop

    Good morning AFN! :coffee: It's a new year! :vibe::vibe::vibe::vibe: And I've got a whole new harem to kick off the new year! I have seedlings of 2 x G13 Auto Blueberry, 1 x Emerald Triangle Headlight Kush, 1 x Buddha Mystery Auto (from their mix pack) I'm waiting on 2 x Sweet Seeds Black...
  6. niksnaam

    Indoor niksnaams endless thread.

    Hey guys. You can find my previous adventures in the micro section. Since i had this beautifull dp auto blueberry i upgraded my lights to a 150 w hps serup. Most absolut beginner questions have been answered in my last thread. This thread is going to feature a autoblueberry. A autoxtreme a...
  7. TaNg

    Lighting TaNgs DP Auto BlueBerrys under GN HS1s.

    Visiting an old favourite here,I've not grown Auto BlueBerry in quite a while so I'm excited to see how they like the HS1s.....I'm expecting a lot of trichomes in bloom. Set up is 2-3 HS1s,two 15L Airpots,Plagron Light soil and advanced nutrients. The 2 plants will be fed different...