1. Druid

    Indoor Hello again, and thanks for all the fish.

    Let's start at the end. About three years ago I stopped growing weed altogether. I had the idea right after reading some news about new legislation in my country, now some of you may have had an inkling already but now I can officially come out of the closet: I am.. german. I know, it shocked me...
  2. Autopots - 5gal XL Geolite

    Autopots - 5gal XL Geolite

    Autopots are a game changer!! I used Mega crop in combination with bud explosion into flower. Kept a sterile reservoir with HPCO and couldn't have been happier with the outcome. Autopots require no electricity and are gravity fed from an external Reservoir. The valves in the bases are designed...
  3. ClosetPerfectionist

    Is this light burn or something more serious like a deficiency or God forbid insect damage?

    Pretty localized, also coincides with the hottest spot on my light I could not find any damage on any leaves on any other areas. This will be my first question on here so I’m excited to get some help! Decided this time I’m gonna tackle every issue as soon as they arrive, and with all the...
  4. Intro at day 24

    Intro at day 24

    The first run _starting_ this year was going to be some sweet blue dream, but shit genetics (ok maybe botched buffering ) must be to blame for the result, 1 of 5 is still around, fricken runt. But anyway I popped 4 #JackHerer from seedsman and they came up like champs! So a little late to share...
  5. AdirondackGreen

    Indoor Adirondank 2023 #1 - Blue Dream

    Just kicked of at end of January getting my coco coir rinsed and buffered. I threw down 5 seeds and got 3 to pop. 1 of those already calling it quits, never developed roots yet, very odd. I am finally replacing my old tent, and will get them into their autopots and the selfie cam ready. See...
  6. C

    Grow Mediums Using front row ag + impello dune (silica) and my lines clogg

    Hey everybody, I had a weird thing happen with my autopots. The trays drained completely, and they didn’t refill. I thought maybe my filter or something was clogged.. that wasn’t the case. There was a bit of stuff in the filter, but I rinsed it out. I turned the valve back on, and nothing filled...
  7. PotDaddy

    Indoor PotDaddy's Mixed Bag of Auto's

    Starting a new thread for my New grow! It's going to be a Mixed bag of Auto's with a Photo project running in the background. First up are 2- Twenty20 Mendocino seeds from @Twenty20 Adam They are either AutoWreck or KnowsCandy. I am a idiot and I didn't mark the cup. What I expect is they will...
  8. parsing_trees

    Grow Mediums Using an Autopot aquavalve for a tray of small containers of coco (SOG)?

    Do any of you have experience with using an autopot aquavalve to bottom-feed a tray of smaller containers? I want to set up automated watering, and using an aquavalve seems like a good fit because I've been bottom-feeding small containers for several grows, just watering by hand. I like that...
  9. Mephisto Madness 4 strains in a 4x4

    Mephisto Madness 4 strains in a 4x4

    7/24/2022 Lights: 20hr on 4 off. Chilled Logic 6 puck with Mean Well HLG-320H-C2100B driver and 4' x 4' foundation running 600 watt max at 2.5 umol. They are dimmed all the way down and pinned to the ceiling. AC infinity cloud line 6” with controller high temp 82 degrees and 67% humidity...
  10. July 3rd ~ (week 7)

    July 3rd ~ (week 7)

    :smoking: Happy 4th of July~! Here's another grow update for the holiday weekend and a peak at these girls starting to flower. This week I started adding the floraflex bloom (b1/b2) for the autopots and mixed up 2 gallons into the reservoir. I will ramp up the dosing next week and only added 2...
  11. Hotshot

    Grow Mediums Autopot first run questions

    What kind of nutrients do most run? Do you run them in the reservoir? I’m having issues of yellow leaves and some brown spots. Also have some kind of build up in the aqua valve area. I’d like to send to flower soon any guidance is greatly appreciated. ak47 photos week 8 of grow Fox farm happy...
  12. elcoloan

    twenty20 Go-Go Auto in Autopot with coco+pumice in 2x2 tent

    Good evening everyone! I'll be doing here a weekly update of my current run with Go-Go Auto from the seeds we were given for the TWENTY20 MENDOCINO Go Go ( auto) showcase . Before I get into the details of this run, to @Twenty20 Adam and the mods and my fellow testers I'd like to say I am...
  13. Jhouse09

    New Grower 1st grow - Photo Dump

    Here's a photo album of our first grow November through January. Sour Diesl, Skunk and OG Kush. Went through many trials and tribulations. You can see our second and current grow here:
  14. joe byrd

    Nutrients What do you think of medium 30/30/30/10 soil (lightmix)/coco/perlite/worm castings for biotabs in autopot?

    As above. What do you think of that? Would it be a perfect compromise? Soil as a "better" envirement for organic nutrients, coco as more aerated and making soil less "hot", perlite for looser structure and more air, worm castings fooooor I dont know what for. I though biotabs have everything we...
  15. M

    AutoPot - First Time Hydroponic Grow-Need Advice

    Hello all Legends, I need some advice from you guys for my setup. I am using house and gardens starter kit aqua flake. Grow medium 50% Perlite&vermiculite and 50% clay pebble. MarsHydro TS1000 and 60X 60 x120 grow tent, 2 Genetics. 1. 710 Cheese. (big plant) 2. Purple diesel Daze Europa seeds...
  16. MANNIK

    Grow Mediums White Crack and AutoPots

    Strains - (5) White Crack - 5 out of 5 sprouted and above soil Tent: 60' x 60' x 80" Light: (2) HLG 320W XL v2 Schedule: 20/4 Medium: - Mother Earth Coco with perlite 70/30 mix Nutrients: - Mega Crop, Sweet Candy, Cali-Magic Nutrients will be switched to DynaGro next week as I am not a huge...
  17. elcoloan

    Photoperiod Coco+Pumice Autopot, MegaCrop 1-Part, 60 Watt LED, 2x2x4 tent.

    Hello fellow AFN inhabitants! I begin this new thread to keep a journal of my next photoperiod runs in coco using the Autopot system and MegaCrop in my 2x2 tent under LED lighting. So... I'll be starting a new run today using a rooted clone from an unknown mother which tastes delightfully. I...
  18. D


    Overview of my favorite grow media, why I modify plant shape for LED light, reservoir tubing modifications and how I change it, dealing with high mineral water, and basic indoor grow knowledge.
  19. February drop Night Owl Seeds

    Completed February drop Night Owl Seeds

    Early poppers, we had a mango sunrise and spotless mind, from night owl seeds, break soil on february 3rd. These 2 plants are in 3.9gal autopots with coco loco. we are using megacrop for the base nutes and recharge and Epsom as add ons. these plants are very tall, lanky, and have been trained a...
  20. joe byrd

    Autopot / biotabs / glueberry og / coco / overwater? overfeed?

    Hi guys, I have always found many interesting things amond this forum and I was about to follow Mr Ryker with his beauty glueberry og you probably all know. I have some experience (once I grew auto ultimate with a spectacular results of 850g dry buds! I hope I will find some pics to share...