1. Trichome farmer

    Dutch Passion The BAM and cookies grow

    hello this is m first journal here so please forgive me for any future errors or mistakes. i am currently growing two auto blue mazars on day 44 and have just germinated two auto colorado cookies i have a 1mx1mx2m tent with a 4" extraction fan and a 600w hps with two 6" clip on fans. im going...
  2. dirty budster

    Dutch Passion AutoBlueBerry, AutoEuforia and BlueAutoMazar in a SCROG under LED

    I'm back again with another grow. Last grow didn't go great so I'm excited to start over with a new grow and put the old one behind me. I hope you will join me on the journey to a tent packed with bud :biggrin::) SETUP The setup will be as follows: Tent: 60x60x120cm (2x2x4 ft) Homebox XS Fan...
  3. MedGrower

    Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar -review

    SeedBank: Dutch Passion. Strain: Blue AutoMazar Did it autoflower?: Yes Soil/hydro: Hydro / DWC Nutes: Advanced Nutrients Light (kind and schedule): GN MS0006 and HS1 @ 20/4 schedule, Total 255w From seed to harvest date: 95 days. Dry Yield: 314g (single plant) Rosin pressing...
  4. Wile e Peyote

    Grow Mediums Wile e Peyote's continuous multi strain drip and coco spectacular

    Right folks were off this is my second grow in coco still got 3 plants from my first grow all budding up nicely but i didn't do a grow journal for that so im making up for it now on monday the 16th march i started to germ 2 seeds from heavyweight seeds 2fast 2vast 2 days later on the 18th i had...
  5. TaNg

    Dutch Passion Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar Grow

    I'm again honoured to be one of the first to try Dutch Passions new Autofem,the genetics are really exciting but that's all I can say until DP do an official announcement. 4 were planted about a week ago and they popped there heads up on 4/20 they are under a 120w Grownorthern MS0004 at the...