black cream

  1. Only1Sky

    Sweet Seeds Black Cream & Sweet Afghan Delicious (Only1Sky)

    Greetings folks. This thread will document my 2nd grow cycle of these two spectacular strains; BLACK CREAM and SWEET AFGHAN DELICIOUS. Thank you @Sweet Seeds Jay & @Sweet Seeds Apolo - - these were freebee seeds as part of prize winnings. Of the 8 Sweet Seeds strains that I've grown so far...
  2. Only1Sky

    Sweet Seeds SweetSeeds Black Cream & S.A.D (Only1Sky) - Light Grower of the Year 2019 Final

    Greetings folks. Participating in the Independent Battle: Light Grower of the Year 2019 Final with SweetSeeds Black Cream and Sweet Afgani Delicious (S.A.D.) My kit for this grow is: Gorilla Grow tent: 4x4x8 Lights: Amare SE450UVB 6" intake fan, 6" exhaust fan, two interior circulation fans...
  3. blue

    Sweet Seeds SWEET SEEDS MAY GIVE-AWAY 2019

    <<< Sweet Seeds Give-Away Extravaganza For May 2019 >>> Our wonderful friends Sweet Seeds are offering a pack of FREE seeds to All AFN members who have already completed a Documented Sweet Seeds grow here at AFN!! :worship: All you have to do to qualify, is to be able to provide a link to...
  4. Koi

    Outdoor Az Sunshine+Black Cream Fem Auto (First Journal)

    Hey guys! New member, Az native here! Finally got my hands on some seeds and decided to start and try a grow journal along the way of raising my plant. I have never done a grow journal before, so if there is a universal format to this I apologize if mine does not match, I'll do my best to make...
  5. CTb1

    Indoor Im back with Devil cream and Black cream

    Im back after finishing up my photoperiod grow: Chocolate mint OG by HSO now im going for some devil cream and black cream by sweet seeds. 3 of each. Ill be updating weekly.
  6. Nonamemicgee

    Grow Mediums No names coco grow multi strain hps.

  7. Sweet Seeds

    Sweet Seeds Photographic Contest ⊶ Sweet Seeds + AFN ⊷ November 2016

    :weed::weed::weed::weed::weed: Photographic Contest ★ November 2016 ★ Monthly photographic competition in which we award the 3 best pictures among all the pictures presented by any user of the Sweet Seeds subforum at :wiz: How to Participate + Contest Rules 1...
  8. K

    Indoor Grow 6- Dutch Passion-AutoNight Queen,Sweet Seeds-Auto BlackJack & DinaFem-Auto Moby Dick

    Captains Bong-10/10/16- Ok lets try this again, originally I was going to do the Dutch Passion-AutoNight Queen,Sweet Seeds-Auto Black Jack and CBD Seeds Auto YumBolt and I was soooo excited to try the Auto Yumbolt. Well guess what the whole damn 6 pack from CBD SEEDS were fucking duds lol :( ...
  9. R

    Sweet Seeds Sweet seeds red family ....need help people !!!!!!

    Hi everyone I'm a newbie grower I have a 1.2 x 1.2 space a 600w hps with cooltube and 2 mars hydro 300w panels 6 inch rhino filter and a 4 inch intake , was thinking king of running 9 in 15 l smart pots following tangs advanced nutrients schedule as I see this works very well for him , just...
  10. Rebel

    Indoor Rebel's Coffee Shop

    Good morning AFN! :coffee: It's a new year! :vibe::vibe::vibe::vibe: And I've got a whole new harem to kick off the new year! I have seedlings of 2 x G13 Auto Blueberry, 1 x Emerald Triangle Headlight Kush, 1 x Buddha Mystery Auto (from their mix pack) I'm waiting on 2 x Sweet Seeds Black...
  11. Rebel

    Sweet Seeds Rebel's Sweet Seeds 2016 Thread

    Happy New Year to you all! I'm excited for 2016 as its already starting off amazingly good! My tents are full! And I've dropped 3 x Sweet Seeds Autos! 2 x Black Jack and 1 x Black Cream! Hansbricks' Black Cream inspired me to pull the trigger! Black Jack is an old favorite and Sweets seeds...
  12. Hansbricks

    Sweet Seeds Hans’ Sweet Seeds LED Coco Autopot Grow – Black Cream / Sweet Trainwreck

    Hey guys, finally back with another Sweet run. It’s been almost 4 months since my last grow wrapped up so I’ve been itching to get this one started. Sweet Seeds have been my favourite since I joined here so happy to have some back in my tent. I’ve had this black cream seed since I did my red...