1. R

    Leaf damage getting worse : HD picture update please help!

    Hi everyone, I've posted before about this but the issue is progressing and I've brought proper pictures this time! Growing all auto's, the worst problems are on mephistos samsquanch and skwalker. Stats: Coco loco/ocean forest/pearlite 1:1:1 soil 20 gal pots+ vam endo and azomite Feed every 3...
  2. Drownomatic

    Grow Room Bug Zapper

    I added this little killer to one of my locations. $34 on 'zon, and includes 2 spare bulbs The bulbs are marked 10W. No sooner did I plug it in, and I was rewarded with a satisfying ZAP as it enforced my No Fly zone. I have it parallel to the light, so it's off in the dark. Bonus: it puts...
  3. Master_Roachi

    Root Aphids? Mites? Help ID please.

    Been having tons of issues over the past few months in increasing amounts. Finally found a possible cause today. I usually use fabric pots, this is the first time I have used plastic with exposed soil/roots on the bottom. I cannot find anything on the surface of my pots, any of them. Just the...
  4. IceWater421

    Odd bugs that jump

    Hey AFN Icewater here with a question hope I’m posting in correct forum. All start with saying my medium is coco I feed with advanced nutrients and I foliar spray and water in bo kashi bran than I bubble for 2-3 days before using . I’m not seeing any damage being done by these little guys but...
  5. Dr. Babnik

    Bugs and Discoloured Leaves

    :crying: Doc is having an anxiety attack! What has infested my garden? I thought it was calcium precipitates, but it is not. I can see a few bugs on the back side of leaves. They are elongated and yellowish, semi transparent. No signs of webs, just these feast on my leaves. Should I...
  6. C

    New Grower Spider mites

    Was just wondering how big can one get? I killed a tiny red one on the pot 2 days ago, see nothing else at all, checked very closely under leaves! The plant is a bit overfed by nitrogen. Today, I found a weird looking spider about the size of a nickel, crawling on the plastic next to the...
  7. sour.b

    Neem Fertilizer the soil growers best friend.

    Hi AFN, As many of you, I had problem with bugs. Gnats, thrips and all sorts! As many I tried several products, mixes and concoctions to try and get rid of the unwanted little fuckers even introducing some killer bugs, some worked some didn't.. I grow organically and the chances are that if...