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  1. Mother Earth Coco Coir Bales are ...

    Mother Earth Coco Coir Bales are ...

    Crap. I've used 3 brands of the pressed & dried coco coir. I know you'll always have some remnants of production, but this was just shoddy product. The "100% coconut coir fibers" was a gross mis-advertisement, really a blatant lie. - Filled with Sand - Numerous ( stopped counting at 12) big...
  2. B

    Burnt tips in pre flower and skinny new leaves

    Hey guys so im having some trouble while in preflower. Forbidden runtz auto day 45. She was lush nd healthy in veg no issues but noticing in pre flowering her leaves r getting a lil skinner and burning at the tips. Ive been feeding light nutes only for the past 4 days maybe 1/4. Currently using...
  3. DoobieGrows

    Indoor Mephisto/Nightowl Grow

    Round 2 has begun in the 4x4. This Round I am growing 4 plant total. 1 Mephisto Sour Stomper 1 Mephisto CDLC 1 Nightowl Blue Sprayed Shoes Remix 1 Barney's Farm GG4 auto. I will be using my HLG 600Rspec along with my Ac infinity T6 exhaust system. Here is a few pictures to get us started...
  4. Mid way through flower.

    Mid way through flower.

    Here are some pics at about week 4/5 of flower. Not a BAD strain, but I dislike the spacing and the last cycle of this strain didn’t deal with all that ppfd this hlg led is throwing down. Maybe this round will be better as the leaves aren’t taco-ing or appearing to be burned that u can see.
  5. ExNavyInSTL

    Indoor Blackstrap - Gnome Automatics x Brother Mendel

    Day 1 - Photos & Notes This run is only about one plant: Blackstrap As most people in this forum know, this plant oroginates from a collaboration between Gnome Automatics x Brother Mendel. She is joining 3 other strains that are 40 days in progress in a 4 x 4 tent. Those four plants are...
  6. Mephisto Madness 4 strains in a 4x4

    Mephisto Madness 4 strains in a 4x4

    7/24/2022 Lights: 20hr on 4 off. Chilled Logic 6 puck with Mean Well HLG-320H-C2100B driver and 4' x 4' foundation running 600 watt max at 2.5 umol. They are dimmed all the way down and pinned to the ceiling. AC infinity cloud line 6” with controller high temp 82 degrees and 67% humidity...
  7. T

    Old Reviews Fox Farm Cultivation Nation Seventy Thirty coco perlite mix

    Hello fellow cannaisseurs, I've been looking at different grow mediums and decided to try the Seventy Thirty coco medium from Fox Farm as I couldn't find very much info on it. Has anyone in here tried it and formed an opinion on it yet? I'm gonna try and document my upcoming grow here for...
  8. ItzSticky

    Grow Mediums After two grows using FF, wanting to switch to Roots Organic. How do you like them?
    Threadmarks: Roots Organic

    Hey AFN! I started growing with Fox Farm Ocean Forest, and Happy Frog. My only two grows have been with Fox Farm. I'm looking to change soils and since my local hydro store consistently carries them it seems like a sound change. From my understanding Roots Organic is a coco-coir soil base, so...
  9. Purple punch

    Purple punch

    So I've decided to give photos a go and have a rest from autos for a little bit. I've been flat out and so I'm posting into flower but I'll add some of the early photos and answer any questions. Cyco coco. Plastic cups upto 7 galon geo pots Veg nutes. Growrite, go green and some hygen...
  10. Thaddeus Thundabuds

    Grow Mediums Ebb and flow nutes

    What brand(s) of nutes and feeding schedule do y’all recommend? It is a Cal/mag buffered coco coir/ perlite blend medium. One for indica dominants and one for Sativa dominants . Strawberry pie and Mexican airlines Are my next grows. Thank you for your consideration.
  11. KootenayFullyAutomatic

    Anyone use Green planet dual fuel & pro-cal with coco coir? Or can give advice?

    Hey guys, new to the forum so hopefully not crossing any lines asking this here. So, I have the entire dual fuel line up from green planet + their pro-cal for cal/mag supplement. Running canna coco in 3 gal fabric pots. I’ve had good luck running photo periods with these nutrients in Promix HP...
  12. GreenBasterd

    Poor Little Yellow Seedlings - Innocent Victims of Me...

    Problem: Yellow/light green leaves. Medium/grow method: Sprouted rapid rooters. Transplated in Mother Earth 70/30 coco/perlite mix as soon as the taproot left the rapid rooter. Feed and supplements used: Used 1/8 strength Botanicare Pure Blend Grow 3-2-4 to precharge each planting pot with 2L...
  13. Noideakush

    Indoor Dark devil blue cheese

    So after my last grow I'm trying some new seads. I've put in a dark devil and also a blue cheese. Ive opted to just put the beans straight into my pre buffered coco with 60ml of water each..I've used a pinch of great white in each hole hoping just for some increased root development. I've got...
  14. Minime2020


    hi was wondering what is the most popular nutrients used? I currently use canna and I use the full range, I have had some good results as a beginner, but was wondering, most cost effective? iv yet to price how much each grow cost to run in nutrients my self but some of the components are...
  15. Minime2020

    Indoor Minime2020 adventures into the auto world
    Threadmarks: Day 1, Minime2020 adventures into the auto world

    Well I'm back This time I will be running two different auto strains, amphetamine from cream of the crop and Auto kush xl from ice seed Bank I will be growing in coco coir in 5gallon fab pots, under the marshydro ts1000, big up @Marshydro I will call this day one 17 Aug 2021, humidity 65%...
  16. H

    New Grower Help! New to Coco.sick plant 500 ppm run off but pH 6.2 in reading at 8.0 out ?

    Hi all this is my first post My 3 auto plants are around 3 weeks from germination indoor led lights 240w growing in 3 gal fabric pots 2 are in Coco perlite on the same feed schedule 1x super skunk 1x purple punch. 1 in soil is purple punch also this is my first time using coco at all and with...
  17. Minime2020

    Photography Cash crop from cream of the crop

  18. Cash crop autoflower marshydro ts600

    Completed Cash crop autoflower marshydro ts600

    Ok and welcome to my grow, I will be growing in a 40x40x120cm grow tent with a 4inch carbon filter exsauast A marshydro ts600 Growing medium will be Coco coir that I have buffed with calmag, , This grow is three weeks In, and the improvement with the light and maybe good quality seeds is better...
  19. IMG_20210214_124451.jpg


    White widow and Jack herer both autos grown in Coco and canna nuitriants
  20. Minime2020

    How to yeild and good yeild?

    Hi just a quick question, How to get large buds, my first grow has 2weeks left on one plant and 3-4weeks on the other, I use bluple lights and have a small 40*40*120cm tent, I use 3gallon fab pots, Coco coir, Canna nuits target of EC 1.6 and pH 5.8-6.0 But my question is how to get large buds...