cream mandarine xl auto

  1. MasonJarOG

    Outdoor ForbiddenX711's Early Start 2019

    Day Zero 2019 - Pretty Excited this year to be off to an early start for a change... This year its one journal. I will be running this in several phases. Phase 1 - Autoflower - The first ones to storm the beach here will be.... on a paper towel RO start Sweet Seeds Cream Mandarine XL Auto...
  2. MasonJarOG

    Outdoor Cream Mandarine XL in Living Soil

    After seeing what some of the other growers like @Green Goblin are doing with full organic living soil I decided to make the move to a truly sustainable soil mix and not get all caught up in baby sitting and get off the bottle all together. GG was very helpful in pointing me in the right...
  3. Terra Firma

    Sweet Seeds Terra's Cream Mandarine XL grow #2

    Hi everyone, I started 3 Cream Mandarine XL seeds a while back. Day 1 was April 25th. They're now on day 56. This is my 2nd time growing this strain. You can check out my 1st grow with the link below. This grow is allready going much better, and 2 of the 3 plants are becoming quite large :)...
  4. Teetee

    Indoor Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

    Welcome to.... Teehee's Multi Strain Madness I've been growing about 3-4 years now, this is the 10th go. I've had a fair bit of success along the way getting a few auto plants to yield over 500g (17-18 ounces), which was well over my initial expectations of 2 or 3 ounces from an Auto.... I've...
  5. Frankidelics

    Sweet Seeds Frankidelics presents to you the Cream Mandarine XL Auto!

    Hey everyone, First time trying Sweet Seeds genetics! Heard some good things so I decided to go on and get started! This is an organic grow. She's approximately 5-6 weeks old I believe. The soil is Guanokalong Complete Mix. The nutrients are all BioBizz (Grow, Bloom, Heaven, Top Max). I also...
  6. Alpine-farmer

    Outdoor Alpine growing

    hello i'm new here and i will begin to post my first autogrow session of this year A few infos about the location... I live in the 46 parallel up in the mountain at 860 meters high with a very good est-south exposion to the sun... At the moment i have direct Sun from 6.30 in the mornig until...
  7. Yozhik

    Sweet Seeds Yozhik's Grow #2

    Getting ready for Grow #2. The Sweet Seeds are soaking, and I'm running around like the Mad Hatter trying to get Campus ready for the new intake of students. Currently in the water are; 4 x Cream Mandarine XL AUTO 4 x Sweet Trainwreck AUTO 4 x Green Poison AUTO 3 x Cream Mandarine AUTO 1 x...