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  1. M

    Wedding Glue / Blueberry Auto - Diagnosis

    Hi All, new member here have some trouble diagnosing/fixing issues with both of my plants 2 autos. -Problem: On WG i have rust spots which were noticed during first weeks of flowering, no signs of deficiency were observed during vegetative phase. On the other hand Blueberry is experiencing...
  2. G

    Curling/Canoeing Leaves on GG Auto Week 6

    Problem: Slight yellowing at their tips, canoeing or curling mostly on the top of the plant. Medium/grow method: Mix of Happy Frog and Ocean Forest Feed: and supplements used: FF trio but only at have a strength. water source: tap water usually in the range of 6.2-6.6 Strain/age: Gorilla...
  3. S

    New Grower First time grower - need seedling advice

    Hello! First time grower here and looking for some advice as several of my seedlings appear to be struggling. Everything is currently in FF Happy Frog and I have a mix of ak47 and blue dream. The grow tent is at 82 degrees for most most of the day and 60% humidity. The larger two seedlings are 8...
  4. Minime2020

    Leaf curling

    High everyone, Ok I seem to have a slight leaf curling going on, on my auto white widow, I feed/water with 5ml of a and b canna nuits, diluted in 5lts of tap water ph6 ( water until run of ) estimated a litre I am using Coco coir, 3ltr fabric pots Grow tent size is 40x40x120cm 1000w brulple led...
  5. Skycable

    What could this be?

    Problem: Yellow/green spots on the leaves. Matt green areas under the leaves. Taco leaves. Medium/grow method: 70% soil, 30% coco, some perlite. 5liter pot. Been feeding organically, with every watering I gave small amounts of nitrogen, after pre flowers appeared I gave it some diluted banana...
  6. N

    (HELP) top leafs curling up and browning !

    Hey guys, i’m New here, i’m Growing 3 critical autos and one of them have a leaf problem that I can’t find what it is, i’m In week 3 of flower and the plant top leafs start curling up and the edges becomes brown with some brown spots, i’ve already flush 2 times but things continues going bad, I...
  7. G

    Please Help!! Flowering issues!

    Hello, I planted my northern lights auto seeds that I purchased about 80 days ago, (11 weeks). It's been in flower for at least three weeks now, and I'm getting pretty worried. The entire grow has been fairly slow, but right now the buds are not even close to being as big as they should be for...