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    Dankstyle Js Poetry of Plants 2.

    Welcome back to another poetry of plants this as always is coming from Oregon an is organic with a plethora of styles integrated into one form of organics I like to dub raw organics. Credit to korean natural farming, bio dynamics an ol school organics that before the invention of pesticides an...
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    Dinafem Blue cookies an Critical kush grown organically in a light dep greenhouse!!!

    Welcome back friends to another organic outdoor grow journal featuring some fire cannabis strains. These plants are going to be the third pull of the tarp (3rd harvest).While the weather may not be perfect at the time I have the option to add supplement lights to give them what they need the...
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    Dinafem Dankstyle Js Dinafem light dep featuring Ocean Grown Cookies an kushncheese !!

    As usual this is an organic grow centered around bio dynamics ,elements of kiss ,pro biotic growing an a style I dub raw organics an pots that allow worms to roam free .The kushncheese is almost ready for the first pull of the tarp while the cookies are just seedlings .Lets get some great meds...
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    Outdoor Auto Photo Battle 1 st May 2019

    Perpetual Outdoor Battle Rules. Team Leaders @the green bandit @trailanimal @dankstyle J #keeperoftherules @Ripper There will be two Final Poll dates on Perpetual Battles from 2020. *20th April Final Photo parade in the 4.20 Party *30th Oct Final Photo Parade in the Halloween Party...
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    The worlds first organic living coco coir growers thread .

    Boy to I love ❤ to grow my own medicine it's a very important part of my life .Over the years I have tried quite a few different methods an styles but within experimentation came across a method of growing not used an commonly thought of as not something to do ,adding organic soil builders to...
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    OLD REVIEWS Emerald Triangle Seeds Lemon Haze Auto

    Here comes a non traditional smoke report and strain review but I honestly am happy about this strain in a major way .Did it auto it did ,didn't keep track of weight.It grew beautifully produced crystals that are up there with my summers best photoperiods .The genetics are original haze,white...
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    Indoor Organic Oregon Experimental

    I am trying a way to get faster absorption of natural organic fertilization by training the root system to be fed through a tube .My soil is down to earth pro organic mix with my leftover outdoor grow soil lane forest products.Most of my stuff I will be using is local .