deep blue c

  1. Laserawesome88

    Questions about switching from 24/0 to 18/6 and RH/Temp

    Hi Everyone- first time grower here. I have two plants both on day 29 and they are doing well so far. Any advice for the issues below would be very very appreciated! My lighting schedule has been 24/0 since sprout under a Mars TS600 with no problems maintaining temp at 25c and and humidity from...
  2. JonnyBravo420

    Indoor Maxing out on Mephisto 5 strains, I GOTY winner in sight

    Welcome all to my offical first grow journal on AFN. I have ran a test of the Mephisto gear and was most impressed with the results. But I know on to the details of this adventure and how it will depart into the unknown for a shot at the 2017 Grower of the Year comp (you should make your way...
  3. S

    Grow Mediums Mephisto dwc grow deep blue c, sour bubbly, sodk, and walter white x sour stomper

    Hi guys first time poster on afn. Excited to post my grow and see what you guys think. Any and all suggestions are very welcomed. So I've got a 5 bucket dwc hydro grow going in my 4.5x4.5x8ft tall closet. I'm currently growing one deep blue c one sour bubbly one sodk and three walter white x...
  4. frogleg

    Mephisto Genetics Frogleg's first DWC Mephisto grow : Deep Blue C and Toofless Alien (testing Frogtech)

    Hey fellas ! :smoking: Welcome to my first journal ! As I'm still new around here, I'll try to make a detailed intro to the thread. But for those of you just who want to get straight to the point, let's start with the basics : - What I am growing : 1 Mephisto Deep Blue C (24 carat x Chem City...
  5. Ronin

    Mephisto Genetics Deep Blue C

    Miss Deep Blue C met the blade tonight:tang: Day 64 Here are her specs: Container: red bottom Airpot Medium: Formula 707 Lights: Vegged under HPS and flowered under mixed LED's @18/6 Nutrients: General Organics Good day all:cheers: