Mephisto Genetics Frogleg's first DWC Mephisto grow : Deep Blue C and Toofless Alien (testing Frogtech)

Feb 8, 2016
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Hey fellas ! :smoking:
Welcome to my first journal !

As I'm still new around here, I'll try to make a detailed intro to the thread. But for those of you just who want to get straight to the point, let's start with the basics :

- What I am growing :

1 Mephisto Deep Blue C (24 carat x Chem City Blues)
1 Mephisto Toofless Alien (Toof Decay x Ripley's OG)

- Setup :

60x100x160 cm closet (=2x3x5 ft).
5gal buckets RDWC
2x300W Mars Hydro old model + 130W 5500k CFL (20/4 schedule)

- Nutes :

AN Sensi Grow&Bloom, B52, Big Bud and Bud Candy, Sensi Cal, plus some root stuff I bought at a local hydro shop

- Why "frogtech"?

I love growing not only because I get to see the pretty plants getting bigger day after day, but also because that's an excuse for me to start a consistent DIY project. So what's that fancy name about ?
I'm trying to setup a simple weather station based on an arduino board I have laying around, and a dozen sensors to both keep track and regulate every parameter, and upload all this info to a cloud where I'll make all the graphs and charts etc.
My goal is not to automate the process completely, but to be able to keep an eye on what's happening in the closet while I'm away, and create an online database (to which there will be a link right here of course, for those interested) that might help me understand better how the plants react to every factor.
During this grow, I'll try to make the system operational and as efficient as possible. So for now, nothing exciting, but hopefully you will see a frogtech thread pop up in the DIY section someday ;)

- What I expect from this grow :

Obviously, a success. It's a trial run for my RDWC setup as well, so I'd be really glad to see it grow my plants all the way to the end.
In terms of yield, as I made the choice to invest in two led panels, I hope I'll get the bud I deserve! I think 25g/plant is not that much to ask for right? So let's say I'll be a happy man with this
But most of all, I want some quality nug! Hence the Mephisto seeds :smoking: the only medication I have access to apart from what I grow is tasteless street crap, and that's terribly frustrating when you love a sweet smoke! Added to this, I might have a pretty big tolerance have a hard time getting buzzed, so I clearly wouldn't mind a little potent bud: hope Mitch's DBC will do the trick!

- One last thing :

Thanks! Not only have I had an incredibly warm welcome here thanks to all of you guys, but I was also able to learn so much from you. I haven't posted much yet, but I've read an awful lot during the past few weeks, and all of your very detailed grow logs and mouth-watering strain reviews gave me the motivation and confidence to go ahead and do it. Just to cite a few names, HotBunz, Spanglish, Tang, MrK, Waximus, Rhyce Saroni, A-train, eP, are some of the awesome growers that inspired me to pop those little Mephisto seeds. Again, that's just the names on top of my head, but thanks to you all, and now let's just hope these plants turn out good, because they will be part of your legacy ! :pass:

Thanks for reading guys, I really hope you will enjoy the show!


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Here's a first picture of my closet : (@BayLee420 , would it qualify for the DIY project battle?)

In the meantime, Mrs. Deep Blue C came out to say hello, 24h later :
air pump that does not sound like a V8 diesel
That loud? The MAX 6' Max exhaust fan that I have in the armoire is loud, but not as loud as the a/c in the Den. Your air pump is on all the time, i would assume. The lights and exhaust fan are off on the Stealth Armoire/Cabinet from 12 noon to 6 in the early evening. A policeman could walk up to it at that time and not have any idea that inside there is a ganja grow. When the Max fan does go on it's a little noticeable w/o the room a/c on.
Quite a setup you have there, looking grand brother! Im sure youll get two beasts in there!

Any specific reasons you choose a closet grow instead of basement/attic tent?
Looking good. It would be cool if you felt like starting something in the DIY section. Your weather station arduino sounds cool. I tried to launch something along those lines but lost track and had no time!!
That cab is cool to a thread with details on that would be cool to. Don't want to overwhelm you!!
Keep it going, can't wait to see some pretty girls in that space soon!