1. Mossy

    Live Stoners #AutoWarriors Team Trophy cabinet 2017

  2. Mossy

    Photoperiod Photosensitive Staff

    Your Photosensitive Staff are @Rebel @912GreenSkell @Discretepete2676 If you have any Problems or Queries please feel free to Tag them into your thread. Tagging is simple..just put the @ sign before their names as you see above and they will receive an Alert to guide them to your thread...
  3. Discretepete2676

    Indoor Elite garden nutrients

    Well the time is finally here guys.... We've got an awesome newly patented product to be tested right here in front of the whole community.... So first let's all give a warm welcome to Joe from elite nutrients who will be our on-site rep and who pulled the strings to make all this possible for...
  4. Discretepete2676

    Let me introduce fry... By kaos kreationz

    Well for all you kaos followers I have a very special grow starting up as we speak. This will be my first run with @kaosangel22 gear and i can't tell you how excited I am. So what we are working with is the strain Fry. This will be the very first documented grow of her so to get a good idea of...
  5. GoAuto6

    Dinafem head to head!!! Group of "12" grow off !! with 3 of their larger strains!!

    "The Crazy Nine's Grow Thread" The boy's down in Dina town at it again with the sponsorship of a 9 way head to head battle.. Dinafem Blue Kush Autoflowering Feminised Seeds Dinafem Blue Kush Autoflowering Feminised Seeds Specs Genetics Blueberry Auto x OG Kush Auto Type 50% Indica / 50%...
  6. ripster

    Tent Questions

    Hi all...I didn't see anything specific on tent set ups and so forth... So I'm going to sticky this thread for any questions and answers that you members with tents, can answer... Also, if you have any pics of how your tent is set up, please post them...Pictures say a 1000 words...:thumbs...