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  1. Olderfart's green mischief

    Doing it in wormy soil and autopots - declared a fail

    Well peeps, I have decided to shut down the soil grow. The results so far were one runt Northern Lights, and three of the poorest seedlings that I have ever grown. Only one of the seedlings that were at day one a day or two ago seemed likely to even survive much less thrive. I am done with...
  2. Son of Hobbes

    Lighting Welcome Invisible Sun LED!

    Hey everyone we'd like to welcome the company Invisible Sun LED to the Autoflower Network! Invisible Sun LED provides lighting solutions for the horticulture industry and wanted to show their products off and help educate our growers on what's out there for...
  3. B

    DIY How to LED Relay working

  4. Terra Firma

    Sweet Seeds 4 x SS Honey Peach CBD in Autopots + COBs

    Hi everyone, I've soaked 4 Honey Peach Auto CBD seeds in some water with a drop of root stimulator. This will be the 2nd Sweet Seeds strain I've grown, and it sounds delicious. First CBD strain ever too. My setup: Space: Self built 1.5×1.5m grow room Air system: Soler & Palau TD-500 Silent fan...
  5. Terra Firma

    Grow Mediums 4 Brooklyn Sunrise in Autopots + COBs

    Hi everyone, I've soaked 4 Auto Brooklyn Sunrise seeds in some water with a drop of root stimulator at pH 6. After 36 hours they showed root tips and were planted. They all come up together on the 22nd of July, which I'll call Day 1. My setup: Space: Self built 1.5×1.5m grow room Air system...
  6. Hippy_BiotabsF70

    Mephisto Genetics Mephisto Sour Crack smoke report

    Howdy AFN :biggrin: :pimp: :vibe: :pass: My first @mephisto smoke report here, and it's for the evil child that is Sour Crack :hookah: :muahaha: This is only my second grow and my first experience with Mephisto beans. So here goes! :biggrin: Seedbank: Mephisto Genetics. Strain: Sour Crack...
  7. HempyGorilla

    Lighting Hello New here and need some advice on my DIY LED Adventure : )

    First i would like to say hello lol and that I am not a autoflower grower but cam here cause you guys seem active lol. Need some help with a selection. My list is what I can afford so please don't tell me to get some unaffordable shit lol not a word I know its cool lol. K so here goes I have...
  8. pop22

    Lighting COB DIY Light - Estimates for a couple light options

    I've put together a parts list so people can estimate a build. These specific parts will build you an excellent light with great bang for the buck in a mid to high power light. I've also included specs using a new low cost chip, competitive with the Citizen 1212. You could start with one of...
  9. budelee

    Lighting May attempt a DIY cob build need help

    hi guys , @BigSm0 recommended i start here so here i am..a bit about my goal and my current conditions/equipment... I open grow due to uncontrollable heat issues in a tent setup..i currently run 2 HID setups,a MH/HPS ,both 600 watts. I grow in coco,2 gallon geo pots and am set on that part,the...
  10. GoAuto6

    Indoor DIY 1000 watt L.E.D

    The goal 1000 watts of L.E.D Some where along these lines, but hope to build it for alot less. 900 Real Watt LED Grow Light Cree/Meanwell Our Price: $1,899.00 Sale Price: $1,699.00 100% Original BC BLONDES 900 WATT LED PANEL 26% more lumens then 1000w HPS Draws 900+ Watts from the...
  11. dragondust

    Lighting 350w cheap led

    I bought 350 wat led 128wat draw it's labled as 150 x 3 watt chips of ebay in 2014. I never used it. I current have 2 mars 300w leds. Here are the pics Can this be moded with current drivers. There are 3 drivers each powers a bank of 50 leds. Tested voltage under load. It reads 120v dc...
  12. HLG1

    Lighting Vero 29 DIY Build

    Making a 190W Lamp with cheep Meanwell LPC 100W drivers and Bridgelux Vero 29 3500K 80 CRI COB LED and Khatod Silicone Optics for a even coverage in a 2x2.5 tent List of Parts 2x Khatod 90 Silicone 2x Bridgelux Vero 29 3500K 80 CRI 2x Meanwell LPC100-2100 Junction box and PG7/PG9 cable...
  13. hecno

    Lighting So many questions .

    Great info guys , I will have a number of questions , but the main one that stumps me at the moment and I can't seem to find the answer for --- how do you work out the number of cobs for your room size , I have a 4 foot by 4 foot area . :thumbsup:
  14. arty zan

    Lighting AGW to SWG Wire Conversions (US to UK conversions)

  15. mjau

    Lighting DIY Cree CXB 2530

    Just saw this section and decided to post here. I rebuilded my CXB 2530 panel yesterday to improve cooling. First one was sloppy made and fast, I was in a hurry. This one is better but also fast made so not very clean but who cares. It has 4xCXB 2530 3000K T4 bin cobs on Meanwell...
  16. dankle

    Lighting Custom COB Liquid cooling design

    Hi all. I just ordered parts for my first COB build. I'm going with a Ctizen CLU048-1212 3000K LED chip paired with a 50W 1500MA driver from here. I will be mounting this on an Arctic Alpine 11 GT Rev2 heatsink (75W heat dissipation). Was shooting for the 100w version but was limited with a...
  17. Ripper

    Lighting Modified Mars hydro

    I modified a few more Mars 300's Order the heat sinks from heatsink USA I used Cree COB's CXB 3590's in 3500 k 72 volt. I used Arctic silver 5 thermal paste. I also used kapton tape. Pretty easy mod just take out the old board and heatsink and secure the two new ones silicone them in and...
  18. A-Train

    Lighting A-Train's DIY, Mars 1200 LED to COB !!!!!

    Well ladies and gentlemen as the title suggest I NEED HELP. I have a mars 1200 and want to turn it into a cob fixture to turn on between 2 platinum LED to boost power during the flowering of my plants. Unlike the video I was provided from you tube i will not be using the original panel...
  19. Ozone69

    Lighting Building out my COB LED for the closet

    Pulled the trigger last week on ordering the pieces parts to build out a new light for the closet. Got most of the basic mechanical build out done today, so figured it was a good time to start documenting a little for anyone that might want to check out the build. Key Parts: 4x Cree CXB 3590...
  20. Marty5678

    Indoor Marty's perpetual grow, 2 x cxb3590 72v secret Jardin dr60

    Hey everybody. Got a bit of a perpetual grow going on so anybody who wants to join is welcome ;) all advice will be greatly appreciated. Currently growing Fast buds - Girl Scout cookies - day 63 (I think) Dutch passion - AutoMazar - day 43 Dinafem - white widow XXL - day 43 Cream of the crop...