dragon med team

  1. O

    Indoor Duurty Dragon X GHAZE C99 (C99)

    I’m back & starting off with a cross I did like 10 yrs ago of Duurty Dragons X GHAZE C99 (C99) The seeds being so old we’re somewhat difficult & very slow to germinate but they’re moving along quite well now. Germinated 12 and kept the top 5 seedlings. 1 is a buy and 2 have shown as females...
  2. pop22

    Dragon Meds Durrty Dragon x Big Bud

    I was gifted some Durrty Dragon x Big Bud seeds sometime ago, a couple years ago I think lol. They have had me curious for a long time and I finally decided to grow them out. I've no idea what stage of developement they are, could be F1 or F2, guess we'll find out! They may not auto,i don't...
  3. pop22

    Dragon Meds Black Dragons!

    As part of a breeding project, I'm growing some F3 Black Dragons. I had received some old, F2 stock and I quickly used the 6 beans I had to create more with! After sitting 6 months, the germ rate on the seeds was good. Growth so far is going well also. All plants look good. I have 4 males so...
  4. C

    Outdoor Chillfred's Autoflower-Portal Greenhouse journey

    Hey AFN! Im back with a greenhouse project... ill be using no artificial light at all for these Autoflower portal babies. They will be started indoors, in my window together with my veggies for the first couple of weeks. Since its an Auto mix, i wont be able to distinguish strains but ill still...
  5. Mossy

    Live Stoners Sanctuary

    Welcome to the Home of AF's in the Year of the Black Dragon......:cool: May the Great Ganja Goddess look down on all our heads and Bless our Efforts in the quest for Legalisation of our Glorious Herb. For Medicine for Pleasure...Genetics to Treasure..